Haven: Gerald’s Darkness

On June 27th, Year 6, some less experienced adventurers find that Randall has posted a number of things to investigate in the area surrounding his grove that the birds have told him about. He is most concerned about the shadow creatures Gerald (the awakened ogre, not 5e, remember) told him about behind his home in the antechamber of the tomb where Randall and others had previously cleared out an ogre and dozens of undead.

  • Chiron (TrS): Level 2 Human Hunter
  • Malcom (HuS): Level 2 Human Cleric of the Empty Tomb
    • Tom
  • Lester (MiM): Level 1 Human Thief

They decide to check it out on the description Randall gives from what Gerald told him.  Randall fails to mention that the tomb has been cleared before, but does warn them that Gerald feared the creature due to its resistance to his physical attacks. They set out up the north road, expecting to arrive by noon on Tuesday, the 28th.

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Biweekly Item-Servant’s Urn

Servant’s Urn
Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

These glossy, black urns range in size, but are usually just large enough for a small humanoid to squeeze inside, larger ones are made for medium or even large creatures, and some smaller ones exists intended for animals. Continue reading

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Primordial Frontier S29: To the Bridge

Having cleared flight control and animated a dozen of the enemies there, the party knows the alarm has been sounded and start looking for a way up. Amhran loads her numerous undead into her cloak temporarily (she wouldn’t want to frighten the refugee souls there or taint the idyllic landscape she has fashioned there) and Rathdar tries to get the elevators working. None of them answer the call.

  • Rathdar (ByW): Level 9 Human Vampire Paladin of Vardor
  • Bilbil (RiH): Level 9/6/1/1 Harpy Thief/Alchemist/Technician/Tinker
    • Seradal: Level 4/3/1/1 Estrei Pilot/Technician/Fighter/Physicist
  • Amhran (BiW): Level 9 Fey “Pucca” Cleric of Emedia (God of the Dead)
    • Clarence: Level 15 Four-armed Skeleton Gunner with Revolvers
    • Mazzur: Level 9 Dead Lord
    • Several Undead Estrei (aliens)

They proceed to the deck above, the main hangar, where they are mostly successful in moving stealthily to an elevator. Amhran in robot form makes some noise walking into a wall to distract a technician who heard Rathdar make the dash for it. All the other technicians on the deck shrug the exchange off, allowing Rathdar to pull the technician into the elevator before the doors close.

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Haven: On the Wandering Steppe

On June 20th, Year 6, Monday, around noon, the great flying island that adventurers have longed to visit in the past, passes directly over the Vale coming from the west. Rocks and pebbles fall from it, falling thousands of feet to strike with enough energy to damage buildings. No one is harmed, but adventurers travel ahead of the island to Rovert’s tower, where it seems to be headed:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 17 Human Necromancer
  • Verdis (HuS): Level 13 Human Fighter
    • Phineas, Talking Rock
  • Stephen (EnS): Level 9 Human Thief

A Rovert’s Tower, they discuss how to deal with the island and this opportunity they have. They look to Rovert to devise some magic to carry them there, but he presents his undead dragon as capable of carrying four people to the island. There is some discussion about attempting to approach the dragon diplomatically, Milo in particular arguing that since it was singing as it passed and liked music he may be able to please it. Rovert refuses to consider bringing Milo, let alone his band, and the halfling departs, travelling back to Citadel by night.

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Biweekly Monster-Wooden Guardian

Living Wood. These creatures of wood are created by those concerned for the forest by carving them from the wood of a living tree. Some protectors of the forest frown upon this use of a tree, but will still carve guardians from trees dying of diseases or from the still living stumps of recently felled trees in order to protect the forest.

Forest Defenders. Wooden guardians have a great affinity for the forest in which they are made. They remember their time as a tree and can communicate vague memories, because time passes in seasons for them. Usually these memories drive them to defend the forest fiercely against those that would threaten it.

Construct Nature. A wooden guardian doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.

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Haven: Missing Boat

On June 13th, Year 6, Monday (regular readers will recall we play Saturday, but call it Monday so the PCs are adventuring on the Sabbath less often), Randall and his awakened ogre (not 5e) arrive in Citadel to help Gerald get a feel for society in the event he chooses to leave the grove. They meet up with some adventurers in Citadel House and head out to resolve a conflict between the orcs and goblins of Garim na Aguluk Sacra and the fishermen of Carrie.

  • Randall (HuS): Level 7 Human Druid
    • Oliver, Level 7 Fox Companion
    • Gerald, Awakened Ogre
  • Milo (EnS): Level 2 Halfling Musician
  • Lester (MiM): Level 1 Human Thief

The conflict seems to stem from the disappearance of on of the orc cult’s boats going missing on the lake. They have accused the fishermen of causing the disappearance and Peter, Branch President in Carrie, has asked Citadel House to find out why and resolve the matter.

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Biweekly Item-Ship in a Bottle

Ship in a Bottle
Potion, varies

These potions come in various sizes that determine how large a boat they can create, but in all cases they can be used to create one large boat or several small boats. When the potion is poured in water, it magically forms into a mundane boat capable of carrying one passenger per ounce so poured. For example, a kayak for 1 ounce, a canoe for 2 or 3 ounces, a row boat for 4-8 ounces, a dinghy for 9-15, and larger sailing ships for more.

These boats last indefinitely until otherwise damaged or destroyed. When spawned, they come with propulsion. Usually one paddle per passenger, but a keel for one passenger on boats above 4 ounces and sails 9 ounces and above.

Size Rarity Ounces
Small Common (4) 1d4+1
Medium Uncommon (7) 2d4+2
Large Rare (14) 4d4+4
Very Large Very Rare (28) 8d4+8

I have four ideas of how to handle a ship in a bottle item. What do you think of this version? I like that it is versatile, but some of the other options let you rebottle the boat. Is that desirable? You tell me!

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The Book of Jex-Chapter 2

Now, after we had spent a night in Nightstone, we went forth to the caves where the people of Nightstone were supposed to be hiding. Human, goblin, and worg tracks led us to a cave where we ambushed and slew ogres and goblins. Brother Gregori and Aaven bravely confronted the massive ogres, but shame, I had only the courage to expose myself to a single arrow, which Torm’s light kept from me.
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Biweekly Monster-Dead Water

Nautical Legend. Sailors tell tales of boats with sails full coming almost to a dead stop for hours on the open sea without explanation. Rumors of similar events on fresh water are less common, but not unheard of. Most vessels so afflicted eventually make their way out of the space, usually with little enough delay not to starve before reaching their destination, but adventurers who encounter these patches beneath the surface may not be so lucky.

Mindless Terror. These unusual creatures don’t have a known origin. Some theorize they form at the edge of rifts to the elemental plane of water, perhaps as water from that plane that passes into the material plane. Others believe they are the collective ghosts of those who die at sea, seeking a connection with their fellow sailors. A demon from the lower planes in water form, a witch’s curse on the water, a sin on the part of the sailors, a wizard’s meddling gone wrong, theories abound.

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The Answer is Dragons: Retrospective

I think I can safely call ByW’s recently concluded campaign the first full campaign in which I have participated as a player. We went far in my dad’s campaign as kids, but he had a lot of content we never saw and possibly no real end. Since that time, I’ve played in one-shots, started some campaigns that didn’t go anywhere, and mostly GMed. Raglan’s story was a twisty one, starting in 3.5 and moving to 5e when we picked it up again after a long pause. My reports on it in Raglan’s Journal begin after our move to 5e and Raglan received a powerful magic item called the Hero’s Journal, allowing him to draw power from recording his acts (as a Bard and Barbarian).

The journal entries are linked below (in case you care about the story), followed by an analysis of some of the things I learned from the campaign.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Epilogue
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