Biweekly Monster-Sharktaur

SharktaurTerror of the Seas. This mighty and majestic creature spells death for any it encounters encroaching on the high seas. Sailors well know that while the sight of dorsal fins in the waters near their ships is frightening, seeing a human torso emerge from the waves on a course for your ship means certain death. No one survives to tell the tale. Continue reading

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Bukur Fifette Scroll Puzzle

I have made a new, quality puzzle available on DriveThruRPG as a Pay What You Want offering. This puzzle comes with a small hook and explanation of how to run it for fun for the whole party, even those who normally disengage from puzzles.FifettePuzzle

This puzzle was generated using my Scroll Puzzle Generator also available on DriveThruRPG for $1. It has the potential to bring infinite puzzles to your table.

I want to be making more content. While I have another puzzle generator in the works, using the scroll puzzle generator is an easy way to generate quality content for you wonderful folks.

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Primordial Frontier S25: All Caught Up

Having fought a massive insect the Estrei avoided and found a way to descend immediately, the Raven’s Roost adventurers scramble down the insect tunnel into an large altar room where a second insect scrambling at a far corner notices their light and attacks:

  • Rathdar (ByW): Level 7 Human Vampire Paladin of Vardor
  • Bilbil (RiH): Level 7/5/1/1 Harpy Thief/Alchemist/Technician/Tinker
  • Amhran (BiW): Level 7 Fey “Pucca” Cleric of Emedia (God of the Dead)
    • Clarence: Level 13 Four-armed Skeleton Gunner with Revolvers
    • BuriedDragon4Mazzur: Level 9 Dead Lord
    • Level 1 undead Pilot
    • Level 3 undead Gunner
    • Undead Giant Insect

The party wins the initiative and Rathdar rushes forward, keeping the insect in the corner. As they fight, a robot with a blaster opens fire from the passage the insect was trying to access and a wizard on the other side casts a fire storm on their side of the wall. Bilbil responds by pushing the fire storm back through the wall (a side effect of clever players and the Mind Weave magic system, it’s why we love it) and they close to engage the Estrei fighter with two shield and two flails.

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Haven: The Piled Dead

Monday, March 21st, Year 5, a handful of adventurers head into Satyr lands pursuing an unusual story of an undead in the Satyr heartland. The satyrs almost never see undead in their lands, with Schek Degrik (keepers of goblin necromancy) valuing a relationship with the satyrs and the satyr lands far from other origins of undead. A mighty band sets forth into their lands, asking their way to where the trouble is:

  • Ragnvaldr (TrS): Level 7 Human Fighter
    • Neville, Level 2 Toad Familiar
    • Subdued Owlbear
  • Rowan (MiM): Level 7 Elf Magic-user
    • Pebble, Level 2 Cat Familiar
  • Stephen (EnS): Level 6 Human Thief
    • Animus, Level 1 Hawk Companion

Stephen, using his broken Satyr (and elvish when possible), gets good information from the satyrs along the way and they make good time through satyr lands, making their way to an area where they heard (primarily from Mark) a tower full of cockroach men had been causing the satyrs problems. They discuss the possibility of going directly to the tower.

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Raglan’s Journal 36

We accompanied the king to his court and he introduced us as visitors to the court. The king informed the members of his council that we were mayors of villagers damaged by the astrite golems passing through them. We were here seeking redress for our damages. He instructed his council to rebuff our requests to give us an excuse to approach each of them and become frustrated. Continue reading

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Biweekly Item-Scroll of Pleasant Aroma

63-red-plum-blossoms-brush-paintingScroll of Pleasant Aroma
Wondrous item, common

Once per day as a bonus action, you can unfurl this scroll to fill the surrounding air with the scent of fresh cut flowers and home cooking. The scent overwhelms loathsome stenches and for the next minute, creatures within 60 feet of where the scroll was unfurled have advantage on Constitution saving throws to resist such effects as a troglodyte’s stench and the stinking cloud spell.

The satyrs of Haven love to keep these as heirlooms and have been known to gift them to players. The use is so situational, but such a fitting present from the hedonist satyrs.

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Haven: The Marching Band

Monday, March 14th, Year 5, several musicians, including a complete jazz band, pass through the portal to the Vale:

  • Milo (EnS): Level 1 Halfling Musician (Trombone)
    • Joe Zobidoo, Level 0 Elf Musician (Piano/Composing)
    • Sariah “Smooth”, Level 0 Human Musician (Trumpet/Voice)
    • “Magic” Morgan, Level 0 Dwarf Musician (Bass/Voice)
  • Trevor (TrS): Level 1 Human Musician (Violin)

They quickly decide to head to the south down river in search of Zebedee and the families who went with him to move nearer the ocean and hopefully find a way home. Matthias hasn’t heard from them since winter and is concerned they are in danger. The musicians all set out with Simon, one of the few people to travel to the south, as their guide.

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Primordial Frontier S24: In Pursuit of Dungeon Delvers

The Raven’s Roost adventurers descend into the buried Dragon Temple, knowing that some of the Estrei have entered ahead of them.

  • Rathdar (ByW): Level 7 Human Vampire Paladin of Vardor
  • Bilbil (RiH): Level 7/5/1/1 Harpy Thief/Alchemist/Technician/Tinker
  • Amhran (BiW): Level 7 Fey “Pucca” Cleric of Emedia (God of the Dead)
    • Clarence: Level 13 Four-armed Skeleton Gunner with Revolvers
    • Mazur: Level 9 Dead Lord
    • Level 1, Level 2, and Level 6 undead Pilots
    • 2 Level 3 undead Gunners
    • Level 3 undead technomancer

BuriedDragon1The light from Solus (Rathdar’s sword of Vardor’s light) reveals dozens of large insect bodies on the temple floor. The light also attracts more of them as they swarm out of cracks in the walls and through the darkened pews at the back of the temple. Rathdar rushes forward, quickly cutting through the lightning bugs in the pews while Bilbil and Amhran’s undead blast away the closer ones and they retreat down a side hall. The bugs start to retreat and Rathdar joins the withdrawal as they find a stair deeper into the temple.

They quickly descend, opting to pursue the Estrei dungeon delvers rather than search this floor and try to clear out the infestation left behind by the enemy.
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Biweekly Monster-Mervelk

MervelkTightPsionic Grimlock. Mervelk is a unique strain of grimlock, enhanced with psychic powers to throw boulders and defend himself with his mind. He is also larger and more durable than a normal grimlock and has his blind sight enhanced with a psionic sense.

Master of the Boat House. Mervelk served his wizard master faithfully in keeping the boat operational. It was his role to stay behind in the flooding chamber while the boat launched so as to close off the launch hatch and drain the chamber. Great abuse and mental domination disposed him to this unpleasant task. His final act is to consign the adventurers to the same fate.
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The Missing Watchmen of Rotstone Light

I’ve released a new module. The Missing Watchmen of Rotstone Light is a level 5 module for 4 players that starts with a mystery and then transitions into a dungeon delve that ends in a frantic escape from a collapsing dungeon. The players end the one-shot in possession of a submersible sailboat ripe for future adventures.

It is inspired by the disappearance of James Ducat, Thomas Marshall, and Donald McArthur from the Flannan Isles Lighthouse.

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