One Year of Haven

On July 15th, Year 3 (2017) the first adventurers called to pass through the portal in the temple of Enoch to Haven arrived in Citadel. Matthias greeted them and put them to work solving problems throughout the Vale and beyond.

In the year since, they have opened friendly relations with the Satyrs, the Nekolyns, and the Gnomes, some of these relations approaching alliance status. Before their arrival, the Vale folk had not encountered any other intelligent races. Not all attempts at relations have gone as well, though. Encounters with Orcs have been both amicable and hostile, depending on the Schek (tribe/clan/cult). Contact with the Dragon Empire have been a disaster. Neither the Kobolds nor the Lizardfolk often speak any Vale languages, and they have a deep, cultural hatred for elves and dwarves based in wars against the elves and dwarves the populated the land centuries before. Continue reading

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Real-Time Jazz Band

For a year now, I’ve been running a real-time, jazz band campaign in my Haven setting, so I thought now might be a good time to sit down and think a little about how it’s gone. To start with, let me explain some of my terms: Continue reading

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Hall of Mirrors


The Hall of Mirrors is a remnant of the dwarven kingdom that centuries ago dotted the mountains to the East. This squat edifice of stark black stone was originally built to hold Zevza’s most dangerous criminals where they could be observed and contained far from civilization, in the sparsely populated hill country between their mountains and the elven lands.

The Hall itself is merely a gateway to the prison, which is hidden somewhere else, making jailbreaks unlikely. In the hall, magical mirrors provide a view into the lighted cells when looked into directly, but otherwise function as normal mirrors to the benefit of those prison wardens who desired not to see the monstrosities and abominations imprisoned there. These wardens had no contact with the inner prison, simply watching over it to ensure no one with the power to access the inner prison arrived. The Head Warden had the means to to access status summaries of the inner prison, but they otherwise had little to no interaction with the inside.

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Raglan’s Journal 04

…With no sign of exit in the temple, Anduin transported us again to the zombie labyrinth where I fought my way to Anduin while Juniper checked down a back way. Anduin was ambushed, however, behind me and as my rage faded into fatigue, Anduin teleported us again to the temple. As we recovered from the exhaustion of Anduin’s Haste spell, we observed that the temple had changed, now well lit and clean of the gore and blood that had previously painted it. After loading the two chests full of loot onto Athos, we had a chance to look at some switches under water in the eyes of the skull engraved in the corner. Continue reading

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Biweekly Monster-Rehabin


The Tyranny of Mundanity party managed to slay one of these beasts with the help of a crew of pirates and at great cost. It’s a formidable creature that if encountered in the water could easily wipe out anything engaging it. While the party managed to kite it with a ship and prevent it from turtling up, meeting one in the open water or under water could be a devastating encounter for even powerful parties.

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The Keys to the Prison

On Monday July 7th, Year 4, a couple of the Citadel House adventurers return to the dwarven prison where the gnome who impersonated Dorcas is now being held. Their intention is to learn how to get prisoners out in order to allow the gnomes to interrogate the prisoner on their next visit. They are:

  • Agon (HuS): Level 3 Elf Magic-user (Fear, Stealth, and Travel)
  • Rowan (MiM): Level 2 Elf Magic-user (Life and Death)

The prison is a couple of hours outside of Iron Fields, a new settlement an easy day walk from Citadel, about 8 miles up the East Confluence River from Confluence by a new road. Agon, having been one of those who discovered the prison, believes they should bring a native dwarven speaker to help with their reading needs. Continue reading

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ToM Session 12: Storm Priestess

We left our adventurers about to ascend some stairs from the caves beneath an ancient temple falling prey to erosion on its seaside cliffs. The party is:

  • Doane Six (ByW): Level 3 Nekolyn Monk
  • Lamila (BiW): Level 3 Half-Orc, Half-Elf Fighter
    • Benquil: Level 2 Spider Monkey Animal Companion
  • Lucifer “Lucy” Underfoot (RiH): Level 3 Halfling Bard
    • Gelda Roughsole: Level 2 Halfling Thief Follower
    • Eymen Hunyadi: Level 1 Drow Padfoot Follower
    • Rav Lugulu: Level 1 Goblin Chemist Follower
    • Hilderek Ferlwinkle: Level 1 Gnome Tinker Follower

The stairs emerge out in the open on the cliff top above. Doane and Lamila find themselves in the midst of ruins that barely stand a foot above the ground in their highest places. Out on a massive pillar of rock in the sea, the remaining standing structure of the temple is crumbling. Rope bridges span the gap from pillar to pillar leading out to the building.
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A Siege to Break

On June 30th, Year 4, the Citadel House adventurers plan another attack on the Dragon Empire outpost, hoping to this time drive them out so the outpost can be cleared and watched. They are:

  • Randall (HuS): Level 2 Human Druid
    • Oliver: Level 2 Fox Animal Companion
  • Bart (TrS): Level 2 Halfling Musician
  • Rowan (MiM): Level 1 Elf Magic-user
  • Drucillia (BrS): Level 1 Elf Fighter

In the evening, they arrive at the outpost and Randall scouts it in falcon form, finding none of them outside. He quickly flies through its corridors, finding them all empty except for some remains from their prior battle, straw beds, and other furniture and fixtures. Continue reading

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Biweekly Item-Windsling Oil

Made from the oil of airborne seeds and malicious whispers, this oil can be applied to a sling, granting it an extra smooth and completely silent swing. It gains a +1 to hit and damage, as well as an additional 1/3 increase in the range of the sling.

Most alchemists with the tools for sound-essence harvesting can make this concoction with an effort, though the required type of whisper can be dangerous to collect. Malicious people generally don’t like eavesdroppers with complex equipment witnessing their most intimate threats. This ingredient makes it an uncommon concoction to have in stock, though many alchemists can source the whispers from dedicated harvesters or larger alchemist shops if needed.


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Raglan’s Journal 03


Having cleverly eluded the patrols on this side of the mountains, we continued Northwest along the feet of the mountains for a couple days. It is a barren and quiet land and nothing befell us until on the third day we came upon a small stone building upon the planes. The masonry of it was extremely high quality and the stone not locally sourced. Continue reading

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