Biweekly Monster-Rat Ghost

“We called him Rat Slayer Eric, but that was before he went nuts and killed all those folks and we had to put him down. Some folks swore they saw a rat spirit reveling in his death nearby when the guard cut him down.”

Rat ghosts come to be when a particularly special giant rat is killed. They’re one in a thousand rats that become giant rats, but with the quantities of giant rats being killed by adventurers every day, you shouldn’t be surprised to meet one or more of these.

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Haven: Fungus and Stone

On March 16th, while the orcish speaking missionaries and a handful of adventurers set out toward Gilded Falls for the Vernal Equinox festival, three adventurers return to the lizardfolk tomb Rovert and Agon found the week before:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 7 Human Magic-user (Death and Undead)
    • Drej, Level 4 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Elf Eater Skeleton (Level 5)
    • Mutated Elf Eater Zombie (Level 8)
    • Zengiff, Talking Rock
  • Osiris (CoB): Level 6 Elf Magic-user (Life and Death)
  • Conan (MiM): Level 5 Elf Vampire Magic-user (Fire and Wind)
    • Scar, Level 4 Hawk Familiar

Rovert is able to lead them back to the tomb and they cautiously enter. Nothing surprising confronts them all the way to the room where they previously combated the fungus infested zombies where Conan burns the bodies with a fireball. Continue reading

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Equinoctial Full Moon

SunMoonYinYangOn Wednesday, March 20th, 2019, the equinox will feature a special accompaniment in the form of a full moon. “What’s the big deal?” you might say. “I see a full moon every month.” And that’s true, and from a visual perspective, this full moon isn’t going to be perceptibly very different from any other full moon in March, or even April or February. But on a theoretical level, this is something special. This is the time of decade when the moon and sun are closest to trading places in the sky, and it won’t happen again until March 20th, 2038. Continue reading

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Hero Kids: Odds and Ends

DeepBequilerThis week, (S) was hurrying to get caught up on her school work when game time came, so (C) took her long-haired hunter, Rapunzel, out alone. She wanted to fight one of the deep beguilers like they met in the lizard swamp, so of course one appeared. Running and attacking with ranged attacks worked for a while, with rolls going in her favor. When the beguiler got in close, things got a little more hairy, but she pulled it off.

A flighty 3-year-old, (C) then decided she wanted to fight some giant rats with Adome the healer. It made sense for someone to be responsible for repairing the hole in the tavern floor now that the whole Ulster situation was resolved, so she fought a couple of rats in the basement. It was toward the end of this battle that (S) joined us, so we delved into the caves enough to fight one more group of rats.

Hero Kids is a great system for kids with a lot of great art. While I’m considering writing an article arguing that systems barely matter to the kind of fun most players chase, this is a good system if you’re looking to play with your kids.

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Biweekly Item-Ehrvalen’s Maul

Ehrvalen, though a god of order and law, came to power in an era when the greatest tools in use on both sides of the war between order and chaos were machines both fine and large. To enable his followers to deal with them, he granted them his maul. Continue reading

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Primordial Frontier S4: Battle of Devil’s Gate

When Rathdar, Bilbil, and Amhran arrived back in Raven’s Roost to learn that the Yuletide had arrived and that her adventurers were telling tales in the tavern:

  • Captain Saoirse (BiW): Level 10 Psionic Ospryte Thief
  • Tiernan (ByW): Level 10 Human Dragon Slayer
  • B4-R311 (RiH): Level 10? War Facsimile

Tiernan tells of attacks all over the world in recent days. As the Yuletide approaches Devil’s Gate (a city of adventures centered on an ancient tavern on a floating island) they see it under attack, adventurers battling all over it.
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Haven: Undead Troubles

On March 9th, a pair of adventurers set out to learn what a goblin, who has been singing in Confluence for weeks, knows about the area:

  • Rovert (TrS): Level 6 Human Magic-user (Death and Undead)
    • Drej, Level 4 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Elf Eater Skeleton (Level 5)
    • Mutated Elf Eater Zombie (Level 8)
    • Zengiff, Talking Rock
  • Agon (HuS): Level 5 Elf Magic-user (High Variety)
    • Ventius, Level 2 Black Bear Companion

They take three days of food, in case they decide to do anything in the immediate area. Speaking to the goblin, they listen to a few songs and argue religion. Among other things, they learn that the goblin worships Garim, one of the many Nefil who it says once ruled the land, suppressing the dragons. They learn that Garim cursed a dragon, turning it into a town, and that the Lizardfolk, after Garim’s withdrawal, took over the swamp that was where the Vale now stands. From its song, they learn of a few tombs they have not encountered, one of which Rovert’s dragon-soul sword thinks it remembers being near Kite. Continue reading

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Haven Peripheral Activity Report 03/2019

The Haven real-time campaign continues. Going into March, with the thaw under way, things are starting to move around the Vale again. It’s the time of year when people are picking where they’re going to be when planting starts and if necessary, clearing more farm land. With the tight winter rationing due to the Kobold raid, people are eager to get some early crops planted to supplement an increasingly stale diet.
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Hero Kids: Ulster’s Tower

IMG_20190219_205852This week, the girls continued, (C) with her long-haired hunter and (S) with her water warlock, Owlette. Having passed through the Lizard Swamp, and not wanting to return to Rivenshore and give the enemy a chance to regroup, they pressed on.

They came to a black tower surrounded with tents. Bandits patrol the camp and they decided to wait until nightfall to try to sneak in. They hid in the bushes nearby and when the sun set, they sneaked past the one bandit patrolling on the door side of the tower. After a successful stealth sequence, they entered the tower, where they found two bandits on guard.

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Raglan’s Journal 18

As we joined the war effort in the South, we determined that the most important thing was to find out why they were building a road through the desert. At the same time, we couldn’t in good conscious allow the enemy forces to continue to operate without our intervention in defending our home. Anduin decided we should make our way toward the unusual road, attacking garrisons and liberating towns along the way. Continue reading

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