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Progress Update-More Than I Could Chew

Well, I’ve fallen still further behind in my schedule. This is largely because coding up the map parser on the player side that needs to sew connections in dynamically based on the character’s location is a real mother bear. It’s … Continue reading

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Progress Update-A Transitional Period

This week I built the User Interface for adding “transitions” to the map. A transition is used to connect sections or to create physically impossible structures in one or more sections. Essentially, a transition says that this part is connected … Continue reading

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Gamer’s Club Map

A little map I drew as a logo for a G+ Community I was asked to help start: Gamer’s Club. Still not sure what I want to do with the map, any ideas?

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Progress Update-Complete Map Maker

Well, I hit a few snags along the way since my last post and ended up a little behind my “optimistic schedule”. I’m now kicked back onto my “reasonable schedule,” but I have plans to push for a “super optimistic schedule” … Continue reading

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