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An Unexpected Host

This crazy session started innocuously, but the dice apparently had other plans, which included greatly accelerating the escalation of the looming conflict with the kobolds, something I was saving for a week with a large group. Enjoy! On Monday, September … Continue reading

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The Contaminated River

Adventurers continue to make their way to the temple in Enoch to join the mission to Haven.¬† On Monday, July 22nd, three more adventurers are gathered in the temple at Enoch to go through the portal: Verdis the Prickly (HuS): … Continue reading

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World Building Wednesday-The Skeleton Wood

South the of the Demon Swamp in the Midgeland, the first obstacle met by explorers from Tinin is the Skeleton Wood. ¬†Though the Lizardfolk of the Demon Swamp patrol the northern edge of wood, it is (true to its name) … Continue reading

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