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Biweekly Item-Stringless Marionette

“It has been said,” the old crone coughed, “that as you hold a rabbit by the foot and lower it into acid, its luck will flee into the arrested foot and provide fortune to the bearer. But then again, how much luck could that rabbit have had to begin with?”

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Rambling About Traps

In two weeks I’m going to be posting a more precise analysis of what I ramble about here, but if you just can’t wait, here are my initial thoughts. In the meantime, check out the new shop page.

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Biweekly Monster-Agglomerate

Marvin was enjoying the warm feather bed he’d hired at the Prodigal Pint when he was awakened by a sound in the room with him. He rolled subtly over, gripping the dagger under his pillow. Another rustle near where he … Continue reading

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Play Report-A Peaceful Resolution

When we left our party, they had just led a sallying force from the citadel of Marquis Rutan, allowing the king’s forces to retake the city, capturing nearly all the occupying Nekolyn forces. For the rest of that day the … Continue reading

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Stormguard Summer Home

Darvil had rejoiced when his boot stepped on earth that didn’t sink beneath it. Though with each step his boots were finally growing drier, his relief was also shrinking. He had been shipwrecked and then noticed by the local orcs, … Continue reading

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Who Would Just Leave This Stuff

Who Would Just Leave This Stuff: Adding Flavorful Loot to a Well-Furnished World is a resource for Game Masters of all sorts of fantasy table top roleplaying games to add colorful loot into every nook and cranny of their worlds. … Continue reading

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Biweekly Item-Sarpin Crystals

“We’re nearly upon them, sir.” There was a sharp edge of eagerness in Lieutenant Farvel’s voice. Captain Vesper couldn’t blame the man. They had been chasing these pirates for three days since their last take, a merchant vessel where they left … Continue reading

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