Biweekly Monster-Soot Hound

AshWolfThe soot hound, much like phase sprites and blink dogs in more merry regions of the fey, are part of the cast of beastly fey who serve the fey lords as messengers, spies, scouts, and warriors. When a powerful fey of the darker fey wilds is about, soot hounds can be expected to be around you.

Flaming Maw. Soot hounds have not physical teeth, but jaws of coal and flame. Their bite burns and is a hint at the fire they harbor inside their ashen bodies.

Servants of Soot. Soot hounds are frequently the servants of soot horrors and other mightier creatures that have fallen from light to darkness.

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Primordial Frontier S13: The Plenteous Temple

Having escaped the village before it’s destruction, the Raven’s Roost adventurers continue on their way following the Iron Lines East. After a few miles, they see large moths ahead, seemingly clustered around something on the ground.


  • Rathdar (ByW): Level 5 Human (23) Cleric of Vardor
  • Bilbil (RiH): Level 5 Harpy (16) Thief/Roboticist
  • Amhran (BiW): Level 5 Human (10) Cleric of Emedia
    • Clarence: Level 11 Skeleton Gunner with Revolvers

They creep closer, curious what the moths are so interested in. When Rathdar is about 50 feet away, one of the moths takes interest in him and starts flying toward him. Continue reading

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Haven: Colorful Children

On July 27th, year 3, a party assembles to answer Qete’s request that someone help with her children who returned from the woods all different colors. Providing an address and name for the job poster successfully sent them right to the source rather than going through Matthias:

  • Rowan (MiM): Level 4 Elf Magic-user
  • Ragnvaldr (TrS): Level 3 Human Fighter
  • Caramon (CoB): Level 3 Human Fighter
  • Stephen (EnS): Level 1 Human Thief

They arrive at 17 Pasture Gate Road, a nice house, to find an agitated elf mom who has confined her three sons to their room. After interrogating the green and orange children, they learn that they play in the forest North of Citadel. Further questioning the quiet purple child is more helpful. He just wants to be cured and tells them about a shack about 3 miles North and a little East of Wraecliff’s Castle. They learn that an old gnome chased them off when they were throwing his potions at each other. Continue reading

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Biweekly Item-Jet Pack

IMG_20190728_215128Found in an ancient and forgotten facility where the doors know you’re there and slide open on their own, perhaps behind one that had to be pried open by the barbarian. Or maybe its captured from a bounty hunter who came from the stars for the party’s heads.

A jet pack is a technological source of flight and understanding it can be handled using the suggested rules on Page 268 of the DMG (4 checks), but consider having abysmal failures result in 2d6 falling damage from attempting the fly using it.

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Second Year of Haven

On July 15th, Year 3 (2017) the first adventurers called to pass through the portal in the temple of Enoch to Haven arrived in Citadel. Matthias greeted them and put them to work solving problems throughout the Vale and beyond. Their first year of activity is summarized here.

Since that time, the Citadel House Adventurers have gained the trust of Dargos (a leader among the Creideamh faction of gnomes) and he has helped them in their ongoing conflict with the Ar-a-mach faction that opposes elf and dwarf involvement in gnomish affairs and seeks to awaken an ancient king to bring the gnomes to power. Continue reading

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Lost Monastery-Alvin Letter 1

IMG_20190726_150835Young Avery,

Your father made you proud yesterday. I’ve joined up with an ecclectic bunch of adventurers, a dwarf, an elf, and even a dragonborne maiden! Naturally I felt some trepidation at joining such a company, but i have since proven myself a worthy member of their company. Continue reading

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Lost Monastery: Alvin Sommerfel

I’ve started playing in an after work campaign. It’s supposed to be very deadly, so I’m going to highlight my first character while he’s alive. Also, the DM let me write my own farmer deity. Continue reading

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Raglan’s Journal 25

As we neared the end of our rest, my light warned us of something flying. A smoke veiled the base of the stairs and I took position guarding the bottom of the stairs in the midst of it. The fools above fired crossbows at me. Without being able to see me, they had no chance of hitting. But knowing they were not coming to us, I charged up to them.
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Haven: Ghost Party

Having finally finished his castle on the hill overlooking the Citadel, Wraecliff invites many of the local people to daily open houses, including all of the members of Citadel House. On July 20th, a certain 4 adventurers attend the open house together:

  • Gorg (HuS): Level 3 Orc Thief
  • Warren (MiM): Level 1 Dwarf Fighter
  • Xygmeyer (KJW): Level 1 Human Druid
  • Algrif (KeG): Level 1 Dwarf Brawler

They arrive at the light lunch with a crowd of other arrivals, comporting themselves badly in civilized society in general, but not so badly that anyone takes offense. During the opening reception, Gorg notices one unusual elf keeping to the edges like he is. When he tries to sneak up on him, the elf calls him out and keeps his distance (HuS had an abysmal stealth roll).

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Primordial Frontier S12: Revolution

With Mazuur’s undead searching homes looking for what they had taken, the party has to decide how to respond to the powerful tyrant they’ve angered:

  • Rathdar (ByW): Level 4 Human (23) Cleric of Vardor
  • Bilbil (RiH): Level 4 Harpy (16) Thief/Roboticist
  • Amhran (BiW): Level 4 Human (10) Cleric of Emedia
    • Clarence: Level 9 Skeleton Gunner with Revolvers

Amhran heads out immediately to go speak to Mazuur. Though undead try to stop her, she convinces them that she is Mazuur’s apprentice and they escort her to the temple of Emedia. She finds it empty and approaches Mazuur in the midst of dead villagers. When he sees her, he explains that they are the most rebellious of the villagers, always fomenting unrest. When Mazuur hears steps coming from inside the temple, he tries to send her away but she lollygags and sees a four-armed humanoid like that they fought on the ship that attacked Raven’s Roost approach Mazuur, angry, though she can’t understand its speech.
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