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MWLogoMind Weave is a table-top role-playing system in the mold of Dungeons and Dragons. Its mechanics are most akin to those of 1st Edition Advanced D&D, but to be honest, I’ve changed them so much since first conceiving them that the similarity may only be that we use six-sided die for attack rolls.

For all the player side rules, you can take a look at the Mind Weave Player’s Guide.

Now that’s a lot of stuff all at once, so if you’d like more bite-sized chunks or just some light reading, I suggest reading a character post or two, though maybe not beyond the backstory. If you get in the mood to make your own character, you may want to take a look at the class system and look up the character building section of the player’s guide.


A minotaur community.

I’m also fond of the race posts. Though we do have the beastly, ravenous, mindless variety of monster, I believe that sentient, negotiating, and self preserving foes are more interesting. Not to mention that humanoids can come in as much variety as the player characters themselves. If you are more into the mindless monster variety, try out the undead or some of the drakes.

If you’re interested in getting to the meat of what Mind Weave is about, some of the encounter posts might be more your speed. The best one to start with is Vurmud “Crack-Karza” Tallmoon vs. A Karza, since it’s short and simple. If you enjoy that, then you’ll probably be interested in the other encounters as well, and that’s one way to learn the game.

FireballFullOne more thing before I leave you to browse. The most unique thing about Mind Weave is its magic system. This page provides a complete description of the magic rules, absent the highly specific tomes for dealing with special rules. I wouldn’t advise reading the whole description right away. Instead, scroll on down to the list of spells at the end and pick a few that interest you, then use the description to make sense of those.

I hope you can find things to interest you here. If you’re interested in learning about my progress making the game, the quickest way to catch up is to check some of the game-play videos on my youtube channel.


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