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Character Thursday-Myra Strolla(Human Druid)

Myra Strolla-Human Druid Strength: 9, Constitution: 18, Dexterity: 20, Wisdom: 8, Intelligence: 16, Charisma: 10 Backstory: When still a teenager, Myra found herself embroiled in the “Great War.” She was impressed into service first as a healer, but then later … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words-Attribute and DoP

Attribute-There are six attributes in Mind Weave that reflect the basic capability of a character.  Most actions a character takes are directly effected by his score in one or more of the six attributes.  The six attributes will be discussed … Continue reading

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Ability Tuesday-Sunder

Sunder is a minor ability that expresses a character’s proficiency at breaking things.  While any character can choose to attack a wall, a table, or even an enemy’s weapons or armor, Sunder makes such attacks significantly more effective. A character … Continue reading

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Monster Monday-Specter

Health Points: 2d8 Spell Points: None Attack: 2d4 (claws) 1d8 (bite) Special Attack: Life drain, does 4hp damage, heals 2 hp, 2 second action Special Defense: Slightly Incorporeal, physical attacks do half damage. Dexterity: 12 Strength: 10 Speed: 28 Armor: … Continue reading

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Progress Update-Character Creation Video

This video shows the character creation process for a fairly complex character requiring extra specification. It is the process I have just finished coding.

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Saturday Spell-Noxious Fog

This 27 DoP(Dice of Power) spell creates a nauseating fog, centered 24 feet from the caster.  The fog is composed of 3d6 cubic feet of water vapor, thickest at the center and spread to 6% density 24 feet from the center.  The … Continue reading

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Character Thursday-Borilth Terinshidl(Gnome Fighter)

Borilth Terinshidl-Gnome Fighter Strength: 14, Constitution: 18, Dexterity: 16, Wisdom: 13, Intelligence: 17, Charisma: 7 Backstory: Borilth enlisted early in life, qualifying to join a highly specialized battle group that hunted rock beasts in the mines. Despite being part of … Continue reading

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Ability Tuesday-Direction Sense

Direction Sense is a minor ability that grants the character an acute sense of direction.  With it, characters can remember where they’ve passed when walking, jogging or even running.  At higher levels they can even feel movement around them or … Continue reading

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Design Library

I’m pretty proud of the research I’ve done to make sure I was designing effective, fun, and engaging rules for Mind Weave.  I am so proud of this research that I really want to share the research with you!  This … Continue reading

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The Arcane Circle

The arcs give elemental spirits and the radii give temperaments which alter how the spell behaves.

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