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Margon’s Palace

Margon’s mighty palace was also built in preparation for his coronation. When he died in battle against Vardor, his son, Mardain, who was with him on the campaign sent a number of his personal guard back to Taurkiev to slaughter … Continue reading

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Biweekly Item-Well of Lost Reflections

“Delvirin?” “He was going into the temple. He took the ring.” “That ring. He goes to the temple only to justify wearing it. He’s become obsessed with it.” “Can you blame him? It’s a powerful tool.” “It makes him reckless—” … Continue reading

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The Contaminated River

Adventurers continue to make their way to the temple in Enoch to join the mission to Haven.  On Monday, July 22nd, three more adventurers are gathered in the temple at Enoch to go through the portal: Verdis the Prickly (HuS): … Continue reading

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Play Report-Aftermath

With Benquil exhausted from wounds and magical healing, the party looks for a place to eat and rest a while. They follow their footprints in the ash back to the giant door at the bottom of the temple. Once there, … Continue reading

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Biweekly Monster-Phase Rat

“What do you mean the rations are gone?” Captain Irilae glared furiously at Quartermaster Garius. They were halfway to Vardeia. The closest port they could divert to was Corva, four days away and not a place they would be well … Continue reading

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The Troll Bridge and the Will o’ Wisps

A little over 2 years ago a portal appeared in the temple at the city of Enoch. It was decided that Matthias of the Seventy would lead an expedition to colonize what lay on the other side of the portal. … Continue reading

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Taurkiev: Vale of the Faithful

Once the capital of Margon’s kingdom, Taurkiev is now largely in ruins, including the wall and Margon’s Palace. The only area maintained is the space surrounding the temple to Margon, where the werewolf priests of Margon live and perform their … Continue reading

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Biweekly Item-Amulet of the Ravenous

“That’s a disturbing piece,” Pahrn fingered an amulet on display. The distorted face depicted on it was partially feathered and conveyed desperation. “Ah,” the shopkeeper became excited. “Found in a gnomish tomb at the base of the ospryte cliffs. It … Continue reading

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Play Report-Blood on the Temple Stone

Having finally found some drow in the temple, Benquil rushes up the stairs toward the drow. Leo hears him going and calls out to him, “where are you going?”

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Negative Possibility Space at the Table

I’ve recently described being a Game Master (specifically those of us who built our own world and write or own campaigns) as similar to being a game designer, a game designer whose resources are extremely limited, whose content only gets … Continue reading

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