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Enchantment-Lesser Whisper Plate

Helbren adjusted the shoulder plate of his shining armor as he stepped into a side corridor. It would be a few minutes before he was missed and, walking briskly, he quickly made his way toward the gate room. He tensed … Continue reading

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Progress Update-New Circumstances

Well, we’ve finally moved into our house and that means some changes to my lifestyle. It also means I was busy all week and too exhausted from hauling our stuff to be much use yesterday, so I’ve fallen further behind … Continue reading

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What is Queuing?

Over the last month or so I’ve made some mention of what I call “queuing.” It’s the method I intend to use to make multiplayer actions simultaneous (outside of combat) without them being at all real time. Part of my … Continue reading

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Monster Monday-Yellow Dragon

The storm was rolling in fast. The wind had been out of the east ahead of it for 6 hours without a break, and growing stronger and stronger. The odd bit was that the storm had moved out to sea … Continue reading

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