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Biweekly Monster-Predator Ash

These trees look just like an ash tree, though bones of their prey near the roots might betray their true nature. Predator Ash wander only when in search of prey when their current location begins to prove less bountiful. They … Continue reading

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Vale Observation Outpost

The Dragon Empire became aware of the presence of the settlers in the Vale. They had been warned by their ancestors of the arrogance and power of the elves, and there were elves among these new settlers. Though their mission … Continue reading

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The Faded One

We left the underdark party 19 days into their dedicated journey to Emberlung in search of the crystals Brimahil has become aware of in the underdark. On October 19th, with the song of the unseen choir in the creeping sun … Continue reading

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Biweekly Item-The Thief’s Curse

12 April 357 Ever since we left the Tomb of Nardula we’ve been harried at every turn. Wild animals and even some feral undead have attacked at least twice a day for a week. We’ve even suffered some wounds. Could … Continue reading

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Wings in the South

On Monday, October 21st, Verdis is nearly recovered from his near death experience in the tombs, though Frank is still weakened from the sword blade broken inside him (he noticed it and Matthias was able to heal him before he … Continue reading

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Walking in Darkness

We left the underdark party after a week of rest for Benquil to recover.┬áThat done, the party returns to Gregor’s Redoubt, where Karen informs them she’s had the Hectarm destroyed and its parts carried far away. They descend and pass … Continue reading

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Clearing the Bones

On Monday, October 7th, Lonir and Verdis are well rested from the week long conference in Citadel and think it’s the time to finally clear the burial mound beneath Wraecliff’s castle (their last attempt here). They grab Frank and head … Continue reading

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Jagdiellon Strikes Back

We left the (can I still call them?) Stormguard party in a study room in an evacuated section of the Jagdiellon house facilities. There Benquil reports his findings, announcing his intention to bring out the rescued experiment to talk to … Continue reading

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