About the Writer

SelfPortI am James Arthur Eck.   I sometimes go by Rorrik, or Rorrik Von Nuchtenberg, or Cedryk Von Thor, depending on where online you meet me.  I also went by Jacob Corner for a short time during which I published my first novel: A Different Reign on the Horizon.

I lived for two years in Peru where I was a volunteer missionary for my faith.

I work on radar for making traffic safer and more efficient as a hardware engineer specializing in antennas.

Writing is my passion, specifically fantasy.  But since I’m mostly into it for the world building, I also love table-top role-playing games.  This is why I wrote my own homebrew, but it was so complex that I only play it with my own groups. I wouldn’t recommend playing it, there are much better systems. 5e is pretty dang good, so I’ve started developing content for that, the most coherent of which can be found on the Downloads page.

My super supportive wife is Nichole Eck, also a writer.  She has a great writing blog. She also does a humorous life stories blog.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Richard Hunt-Richard games systems, and so is of great value stress testing concepts. He’s also a great addition to any gaming group.

Bryson and Bri-Bryson is the impetus for the longest running table top group I’ve ever had, his wife may be part of why we keep meeting. They’re great players who push me to do the best I can.

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