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Play Report-Gathering the Troops

Eager to protect both the nation of Vardor and their investment in Fort Gollant, the party from Stormguard begins making plans for how they can contribute to the war effort. They begin by setting out as representatives of Emil Gollant … Continue reading

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Biweekly Item-Rabbit’s Luck

“It has been said,” the old crone coughed, “that as you hold a rabbit by the foot and lower it into acid, its luck will flee into the arrested foot and provide fortune to the bearer. But then again, how … Continue reading

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Monster-Brick Snake

Quill glanced around the corner, seeing nothing in the dim twilight pouring through the temple’s windows. Breathing carefully, he crept forward along the right wall of the temple where the pillars and their shadows veiled his position pressed against the … Continue reading

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Play Report-The Workings of Gods

We left the Stormguard party (now level 10) in the wolf infested great hall of Margon’s abandoned palace. Having slain two dire wolves and five other wolves, they take a moment to get their bearings, noticing disguised windows looking into … Continue reading

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Gregor’s Last Redoubt

The ancient structure squatted over the deep crag in the earth known as the Scar, still in remarkably good repair for being abandoned the 200 years since the Plague War. It seemed some other forced had moved in, as undead … Continue reading

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