I’ve started writing more refined material than you’ll find here on the blog and making it available on DriveThruRPG. Some of it costs money and some is pay what you want (and I really mean that, try some stuff out for free before thinking about buying anything).

SentientSkiesCoverSentient Skies-$5.00

Sentient Skies is a module that brings aliens to invade your existing campaign setting. If you’re looking for a way to introduce a new age of space to your fantasy world or just end a campaign with a bang, this module is for you. The provided hooks and story arc components are suited for working into an existing campaign or carrying a short campaign from start to finish.

ScrollCoverScroll Puzzle Generator-$1.00

I like puzzles, there’s no doubt, and I want you to like puzzles, too. This tool is meant to help by putting visual, world-fitting puzzles in your hands in minutes per puzzle. I expect you’ll get at least 2 uses out of it. The first time they see such a puzzle with plenty of time, and again when they need to solve on in a hurry, but with the ability to input your own images, it could be a lot more!


The Rotating Labyrinth-$0.99

Easily the most popular item on this blog, I’ve done some new art and spruced up the text of the instruction document for this complex dungeon. To help Game Masters to make their own model of the labyrinth, I’ve made a cleaned-up print out that can be used to make the model more easily that what was available before. To further facilitate building the model, I recorded a video of myself building the new one.


Festival of the Migrant-Pay What you Want

This is a down-time module for 5th edition. It contains 5 mini-games playable at the

festival, 18 wondrous items available as prizes, 6 mounted feats, and dozens of characters to meet at the festival. There are also 3 quest hook options for continuing adventure after the festival. As part of the festival events, stat blocks are also provided for caribou, giant goose, caribou rider, and goose rider.

WWJLTSCoverWho Would Just Leave This Stuff-$1.99

This document came about from two events. First, a player after defeating the lich Gregor the Plague assumed he would have stuff (not just treasure, mind you) in his desk and cabinets. I hadn’t prepared anything and the experience fell flat. Later in that campaign I filled the closets and cabinets of Margon’s Palace with all kinds of story-filled loot and the experience was much better. This resource provides 18 varieties of furniture each with a table and dozens of unique items to give your players a reward with a twist.

CultCoverCult of the Sleeping God-Pay What You Want

My most successful one-shot dungeon centers around the Sleeping God Cave and the cult that uses it as their base. In this document I flesh out the town of Belfry Hollow and the members of the cult that reside there to make it easier to run. My efforts focused on recalling what drivers, events, and interactions made the one-shot experiences with the cult successful and distilling those into a format that would make them repeatable for you.

BlessingAndCurseCoverA Blessing and a Curse-$0.99

My players and I have an understanding: you can have whatever you want, but I will make you regret it. Powerful items and resources are important to fulfilling the fantasy aesthetic so many players play table-top RPGs to experience, but if not handled correctly they can undermine the challenge aesthetic that is also fundamental to the game. This resource encapsulates my approach to making items that are puzzles to be solved whenever the players wish to draw on their power.

Whispers of the Dead-$1.99WhispersOfTheDeadCover

This collection of storied undead collects some of the creatures I’ve used in my campaign to give the players a source of knowledge and narrative. From providing broad strokes to describe the calamity that has struck a locale to providing small details in the form of a mumbling undead in an unusual place. While most of these undead are capable of violence, they serve mostly a narrative function by their origin stories.

SevenDeadSinnersCoverSeven Dead Sinners-Pay What You Want

This collection of undead based on the seven deadly sins is primarily aimed at being used for horror one-shots and single sessions, especially those popular around Halloween. Next year I’ll be better prepared and release a Halloween one-shot to use them in. For now, I hope you find this useful. (You’ll also find it marks a step up in my illustration efforts, if you do check it out, let me know how the illustration strikes you.)

The plan is to release one of these every couple months (depending on complexity), so be sure to check back from time to time.