Mission Statement

As I’ve worked on Mind Weave in the last few years, it has become necessary to update my mission statement, as my mission has changed from what it was. Originally, I set out to create my own tabletop role playing game system, and I achieved that, but it was so complicated that I shifted my vision to creating an online tabletop where the DM was assisted by powerful automated and computational tools to make it all work; once that site was built, I would be able to distribute my dungeons and adventures to the users. Over time, I realized that what I was doing was akin to creating a new music site (like Pandora or Spotify) just so I could distribute my own music in a file format that I found pleasing but no one else in the world was using. It was needlessly complicated and was going to take too much work to get anywhere.

Hence, my need for a new vision, a new mission, and this, a new mission statement. The fact is D&D works well for everyone, and 5e is a better system than most, Wizards of the Coast did a good job. So, to maximize the number of people that can be impacted by my content development efforts, I have decided to target that system with my time and effort.

The new mission is to create content that is unique, exciting, and engaging. To create things that push the frontiers of the hobby and draw new people into it by breaching spaces they already love. To teach people young and old to imagine and inspire them to improve themselves through the power of roleplaying games.

The mission is simpler, but the territory broader. It is an exciting age.

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