Mission Statement

We seek to develop a high quality roleplaying platform that is easy to learn and that allows players from around the world to meet and develop fellowship in a rich fantasy setting.
Our definition of a high quality roleplaying platform, among other things, includes the following:

  • Various classes and abilities that allow unlimited expression and variety from game to game and as players level.
  • An interesting, versatile, and intriguing magic system including spell casting and enchantment.
  • Realistic combat simulator able to create interesting and dynamic fighting with plenty of options for victory and random elements capable of overturning seemingly sound strategies.
  • Balanced Combat forms(magic, melee, ranged) as well as balanced out of combat skills and abilities.
  • Interesting non-combat interaction with NPCs and the environment.

In developing Mind Weave’s magic system, we seek to balance it against other types of combat for power, while allowing it infinite scope and innovation.  We seek to give every class the means to be useful in both combat and non-combat conditions.
To make Mind Weave easy to learn, we want to make it resemble popular and familiar aspects of existing roleplaying platforms.  We will also embed our innovative aspects in backend programming, allowing players to succeed even with very little knowledge of the game’s mechanics.

We will develop Mind Weave as an online tabletop RPG, allowing players in this internet age to connect with other players around the world.  This transfer of traditional roleplaying aspects to a digital medium allows the game greater realism due to the mathematical computation available with this medium.  It also provides a simple GUI, allowing players to begin with very little barrier to entry,avoiding interruption due to disagreement or unfamiliarity surrounding rules.

Beyond a mere enjoyable past time, we strive to make Mind Weave an engine for mental and social development.  The balance, versatility, and complexity of the mechanics should encourage engineer-like thinking by moving decisions away from absolutes and toward conceptual understanding.  This complexity will emphasize expression over calculation.  Unlike most video and computer games, Mind Weave will require real and dynamic interaction between players.  Alternately, unlike most tabletop games, Mind Weave will require heuristic decisions, creativity and understanding of the system when building effective characters.


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