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Biweekly Item-The Thief’s Curse

12 April 357 Ever since we left the Tomb of Nardula we’ve been harried at every turn. Wild animals and even some feral undead have attacked at least twice a day for a week. We’ve even suffered some wounds. Could … Continue reading

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Clearing the Bones

On Monday, October 7th, Lonir and Verdis are well rested from the week long conference in Citadel and think it’s the time to finally clear the burial mound beneath Wraecliff’s castle (their last attempt here). They grab Frank and head … Continue reading

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Fortifying Weakness

On Monday, September 9th, two adventurers meet and decide to see what else hides in the tomb beneath Castle Wraecliff. Word came that Wraecliff’s laborers had entered the the first level of the tomb under his watch, but that he … Continue reading

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Biweekly Monster-Hectarm

Vidius paused, listening. The others stopped at his signal as he squinted against the inky black of the cavern ahead; beyond the well of light from Galza’s softly glowing sword he could hear a sound, repetitive and sharp, growing nearer. … Continue reading

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Margon’s Palace

Margon’s mighty palace was also built in preparation for his coronation. When he died in battle against Vardor, his son, Mardain, who was with him on the campaign sent a number of his personal guard back to Taurkiev to slaughter … Continue reading

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Taurkiev: Vale of the Faithful

Once the capital of Margon’s kingdom, Taurkiev is now largely in ruins, including the wall and Margon’s Palace. The only area maintained is the space surrounding the temple to Margon, where the werewolf priests of Margon live and perform their … Continue reading

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Whispers of the Dead

Early readers of this blog will know that I favor undead as a monster type, largely due to their psychological versatility. I also like that—even more so than still corpses—their mere presence and nature can go a long way to … Continue reading

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Biweekly Monster-Praxist

Praxist undead are the product of those who die in a life so routine they do not notice their own death and continue on their daily business.

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Gregor’s Last Redoubt

The ancient structure squatted over the deep crag in the earth known as the Scar, still in remarkably good repair for being abandoned the 200 years since the Plague War. It seemed some other forced had moved in, as undead … Continue reading

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Mind Weave Class-Necromancer

For a list of other classes visit the Mind Weave class system description. Necromancer Tier: Second Origins: Cleric, Magic-user Advancement: Lich. Race: Humans, Lizardfolk, Goblins, Drow Minimum Attributes: Strength: 8 Constitution: 12 Dexterity: 16 Wisdom: 20 Intelligence: 26 Charisma: 8 The … Continue reading

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