Ability Tuesday-Kick

KickTalik didn’t need magic for a single Livecap, but she needed to take him down quickly or he’d call out to the others. She strode in close, parrying a blow, and then returned with a solid kick to the creature’s side, cutting it down as it stumbled.

There were others out there.

The Kick ability provides an additional avenue of attack for melee combatants and is particularly useful for knocking opponents off balance or goading a dodge out of them before delivering a weapon blow, in addition to extra damage dealt.

Levels in Kick increase the damage done by kicks (but never by more than 1) and increase the probability of knocking an enemy off balance with a kick (by 1% per level at higher levels, but more early on). Every four levels, how often the character can kick increases, to 1 kick every 3 turns at level 4, to 1 kick every 2 turns at level 8, and finally to a kick a turn at level 12.

Kick is a minor ability and can fit into most melee combat builds as a useful extra attack. Here are some examples of character builds using kick prominently:

Talik Capbane (Goblin Battle Mage)-With 12 levels in kick, Talik uses a kick a turn to make enemies vulnerable to two-handed sword attacks.

Enrick Loghsmyth (Dwarf Brawler)-Wielding a 110 pound safe, Enrick uses a kick every other turn to keep enemies in position for his powerful safe blows.

And these characters all take 4 levels in kick to get to first rung optimal level, kind of as an afterthought to their build: Cedric Brawnpaw (Nekolyn Ranger): level 9, Riek Liput (Human Fighter): level 5, Malis Harrowdun (Elf Vampire): level 15, Alfred Cormack (Human Berserker): level 12, Lysle Hittite (Human Bard): level 20, Hemlit Durugsen (Human Fighter): level 5, and Harding Prostus (Human Paladin): level 10.

Would you use Kick in a character build? It’s a useful minor ability for melee combat. How far would you take it? How would it benefit your build? Let us know in the comments below.

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