Character Thursday-Malis Harrowdun (Elven Vampire Lord)

It’s been a while since we’ve done a character as mundane as an elf.  We’ve been really caught up with the orcs, lizardfolk, and goblins.  As I add more races, it gets harder to give them all attention.  The truth is, I got back to elves to make a vampire character.

Malis Harrowdun becomes a vampire at level 5 and continues to level normally with a few vampiric boosts.  He is focused heavily on melee combat had has a hard and fast fighting style.

I rolled this character up last night with actual dice, because it was easier to grab them than access the character building page or run my population generator code at the time.

Backstory and Levels 1-15

Malis was a troubled youth.  He bullied other children, being bigger, stronger, and more athletic than most.  He didn’t take well to the elven communions and had no patience for learning.  He would spend a great deal of time alone in the woods. Hunting, skinning, cooking, and eating animals with a savor frowned upon by his elders. Most youth so rebellious would have been ostracized, but Malis showed great potential as a warrior.  He was recruited by the empire, where his secluded nature, for an elf, was easily overlooked.  He associated better with the humans in his platoon than the elves.

VampireOn one mission, they were sent to kill a vampire that had been terrorizing one of the coastal towns.  The vampire had more thralls than they had expected and his platoon was outmatched.  They were quickly killed or captured.  Malis woke to find himself living.  He had been infected with vampirism.  Locked away while the virus ran its course, Malis considered the development. He could make being a vampire work.  On the 25th day when he was released, Malis slaughtered all of the vampires in the compound.  He returned to report the loss of his platoon and the success of the mission.

With his platoon gone, Malis volunteered to join a secret operations group within the empire and was accepted.  Now working primarily at night, no one suspected the withdrawn elf to be a vampire.  The murders that happened during his stakeouts went completely unnoticed.

When Dainlen commanded the emperor to send a fleet to the far continent, Malis volunteered again.  He was accepted and for his great merit made a captain of one of the ships.  When they made landfall, he led the expedition to secure the land around Reach.  When the command came to assault the Lizardfolk, he led the way, fearless.  He made winter quarters in a large, walled village near the front lines.

When Spring came, however, and Shilin pushed back with a massive horde of undead, Malis surrendered his garrison almost without a fight, forging an unholy alliance with the advancing necromancer and accepting his own soldiers as a goodwill gift, to be fed upon later.  Over the centuries, Malis has managed to convince himself that the surrender was not his own decision, but that Shilin had commanded that undead part of him to surrender against his will.  He has also gathered a number of orc thralls in his village hold.  He continues to work under the lich’s sway.

Strength: 31, Constitution: 23, Dexterity: 17,

Wisdom: 6, Intelligence: 10, Charisma: 12

Abilities: Weapon Mastery (Long Sword) XV, Anticipation X, Rush VII, Kick IV, Shield Bash VI, Animal Form (Vampire Bat) XX, Weapon Mastery (Bow) I, Marksmanship I, Natural Empathy I, Tracking I, Meditation I

Skills: Weapon Skill XV, Agility V, Stealth I

Even disregarding his vampiric abilities, Malis is a very powerful fighter.  Between Weapon Skill XV and Weapon Mastery (Long Sword) XV he gets +29 To-Hit and +14 to damage when using his trusty long sword.  This means that his minimum To-Hit (under ideal conditions) is 37.1, nearly a critical hit.  He makes critical hits over 98% of the time, and 100% of the time when he is Rushing.  More importantly has a good chance of passing enemy parries.  Even a successful parry has to overcome significant strength and the target is likely to take some damage.  With a damage of 3.1*(1d8)+14, he can devastate a target with each blow.

This makes it important that his enemies avoid the blows. Oh, but au contraire, Malis has several means to prevent dodging.  He can use Shield Bash each turn without penalty to deal some decent damage if he hits and he can also kick every 3 turns.  More importantly, dodging his sword swing is as hard as dodging an arrow with Anticipation X.  He makes it very difficult to avoid his attacks altogether with a super-human Rushing speed of 96 feet in a turn.  Even archery is not a viable way to avoid his blade.

On the defensive, he uses a shield that his strength backs up very well.  He also has a movement speed of 32 which makes him very good at dodging even arrows.  Between meditation and blood draining, he is very capable of healing himself between battles.  In a real pinch, his ability to turn into a bat for up to 10 hours a day (he weighs about 150 lbs at 5′ 4″ and a normal metabolism) makes it easy to escape the battle and live to fight another day.

As a player, how would you go about fighting a vampire like Malis?  As a Master Weaver, would you use him as a core villain or as a single encounter or short sequence? Comment below and let us know.

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