Character *Friday*-Hemlit Durugsen (Human Fighter)

Blade Dance was the ability this week, and since dipping deep in Blade Dance seems to be an effective strategy, I thought it would be good to do a blade dancer.  He’s 70 point buy, previous characters have been 5d6b3 or 80 point buy.


Hemlit was born during chaotic times and spent his youth as many orphans of his city did, shuffled from orphanages to the streets and finally, if they were tough enough, in one of the many rising mercenary companies.  Hemlit was tough, and he was fast.  When he dodged a pair of dagger strokes from a former noble gone mercenary leader, the man pursued him into the alley and coaxed him out with an offer to join his mercenary company.  Hemlit was soon respected by the troop for his high speed combat.  Though he could hardly be considered a team player, Hemlit’s twin scimitars were a formidable contribution to the group.  But Durugsen was garbage at the political game.  Soon he found he was not satisfied with his lack of rank advancement in the troop.  He left, looking to start his own group.

His gruff reputation preceded him, and Hemlit was unable to find soldiers for his mercenary troop, the Crimson Twins.  For a little while he fought alone, hunting bandits and small groups for bounties.  Eventually he settled for the next best thing after having his own mercenary troop.  He joined a group of adventurers.  The group put up with his wild combat method, welcoming his skills and ignoring his abrasive nature.  It was a good fit and they did well together.

Strength: 20, Constitution: 20, Dexterity: 14,

Wisdom: 6, Intelligence: 8, Charisma: 6

Abilities: Blade Dance V, Weapon Mastery(Scimitar) V, Pick Pocket I, Rush I, Warcry V, Kick IV

Skills: Weapon Skill I, Agility III, Second Hand III

Hemlit is not bright, he is not outgoing, he’s not particularly skilled.  But, as his backstory suggests, he is tough, and he is a powerful fighter.  This is a character built purely with combat in mind, specifically with Blade Dance.  In Mind Weave, a hard focus on 1 or 2 abilities is one of the best ways to build a character optimized for damage per second.  These types of characters often have glaring weaknesses not present in more versatile characters, but as long as they keep conditions the way they like them they can be very effective.

BladeDanceBlade Dance and Weapon Mastery are examples of this.  With Blade Dance V and two scimitars, Hemlit can blade dance and guarantee that whatever he rolls, nearby or approaching enemies will have to parry or dodge or take major damage.  With Weapon Mastery (Scimitar) V, he is fairly formidable in one on one combat with his two scimitars, Agility III, and Second Hand III.  Kick, Rush, and Warcry also offer him interesting options in combat.

Nonetheless, he is highly vulnerable to ranged foes and enemies with longer weapons or higher dexterity, among other things.

Did you like seeing a higher level character?  Let us know what kind of character you want to see below.  We’ll do more in coming weeks.

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