Character Thursday-Harding Prostus (Human Paladin)

Here’s Harding Prostus, a Paladin Leader Archetype.


Harding was a military man.  His parents had been basket makers in the capital, but he’d left that life behind when he enlisted in the imperial infantry, only looking back to send money to support his aging parents.  They’d never lived so well.  His exceptional discipline, social acumen, and martial skill allowed him to quickly climb the ranks.  His experience prodded him to grow as both soldier and leader and soon Harding Prostus was the most recognized of commoners in the imperial army.  His parents died proud of their son.

Levels 1-10:

It wasn’t long after his parents’ passing that Harding began to recognize corruption in the government.  He knew it was none of his business, and he felt sure the nobility could sort it out.  He was naive.  Soon the government collapsed, assassinations reduced the nobility to a hunted few, and the military devolved into warlords competing for chunks of the empire.  Harding was barely able to keep his own platoon from joining in as others sacked the capital.

During this time of upheaval, Harding and his platoon joined up with an odd company of right minded individuals to help remove the helpless (“innocent” would not be the right word) from the conflict.  While the party was far from angelic, Harding had seen the atrocities committed by men he had once called brothers in arms and found it easy to come to terms with their shortfalls.  Once they had carved a territory to house the merchants, thieves, beggars, vendors, and so on they had rescued, Harding became convinced that he and his companions could provide a more permanent and satisfactory solution.  They would build up a new empire.  Harding was their voice, trying to unite the less evil of the warlords.  Together they were the hammer, crushing those who opposed them.

Strength: 20, Constitution: 19, Dexterity: 16,

Wisdom: 13, Intelligence: 9, Charisma: 16

Abilities: Gather Followers IV, Persuade II, Rallying Call III, Weapon Mastery(Broadsword) IX, Shield Mastery IV, Body Shield I, Lay On Hands III, Kick IV, Anticipation VII, Prayer I

Skills: Will IV, Diplomacy I, Weapon Skill II, Riding I

Harding Prostus is fun to play because he has such drive.  At the beginning of his campaign his goals are reactionary: save people, and he goes along with the rest of the party in this goal.  By level 10 his player has established a highly proactive goal for the character that becomes the goal of the party.  This is a player who helps drive the campaign.

Harding’s place in combat is on the front line.  With a highly accurate, powerful, and hard to dodge broad sword and the ability to effectively defend himself with his shield, he can be very effective on the front line.  His ability to kick every 3 turns contributes to his effectiveness by damaging, off-balancing, and drawing a dodge out of the enemy.

As leader of the party, he also provides a lot in the form of leadership qualities.  With Gather Followers IV and 16 Charisma, Harding can have up to 16 level 0 followers, 8 level 1 followers, or any other number of combinations of these or higher level followers (8 level 0 and 4 level 1, for example).  Amplifying the effect of these followers, his Rallying Call III can effect up to 5 companions for 5 turns, increasing morale and damage.  Given the 5 person limit, he may want to have 2 level 5 followers to benefit along with himself and two of his party members.  His remaining followers may do well to be 4 level 0 support archers. With so many people in the party, it is helpful for him to have quick healing in the form of Lay on Hands.

Did you like seeing a higher level character?  Let us know below.  We’ll do more in coming weeks.

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