Character Thursday-Talik Capbane (Goblin Battle Mage)

With yesterday’s goblin infested cavern, it seemed only right to do a goblin NPC today. This goblin’s actually verging on heroic with a head-to-head battle style. She’s a good counterpoint to Livecap villain Glud Alumb. Sometime soon I’ll post a battle between the two warrior-casters.


Talik was born into the Capbane family, the head house of the Cap Hunter tribe in the Pliinreuk Cavern. Her talent was recognized at a young age. She was bright, and quick, and tough–for a goblin. She was slotted for leadership in the family and in the clan. She received the most rigorous training possible, but she rejected leadership. She was shy and enjoyed solitude. Despite her being quite pretty by goblin standards, she had few friends and acquaintances. In her training, she developed a high speed combat style that allowed her to combat several foes at a time.

Levels 1-16:

Though her brother instead became the head of the family and tribe when their aunt died, Talik was praised and respected for her skill and her lone missions against Livecap scouting parties. She told no one of her endeavors, but whenever goblin scouts came by surprise upon dead Livecaps, cut wildly, burned, and partially eaten, they knew it was Talik’s work. She was wild and uncontrolled, but her brother boasted of her nonetheless to the other tribes. Talik’s rumored insanity only helped keep other tribes from interfering with the Cap Hunters.

Talik was on patrol when the attacks came. Long her tribe had battled the Livecaps below, but never had they come in such numbers. She struck at them numerous times but each time was forced to retreat. There were too many. Within hours she was in territory covered by regular Cap Hunter patrols, supporting them. Still they were driven and soon the Cap Hunters were requesting aid from other clans. The help did not come before their defenses were breached. Most of the Cap Hunters fell in battle, and the survivors fled, refugees, to other clans. These were not prepared for what was coming, and many chose to take their chances on the surface.

Talik had not fallen, and she had not fled. When the wall was breached, the Livecaps ceased their press on her section. Though they fought hard to, she and her men could not reach the breach to close it as the Livecaps flooded in, and the Livecaps were well ahead of them on the way to village. Talik gathered what goblins she could and withdrew to the crawl spaces where the Livecaps could not follow. They fight still against the Livecaps as they advance through other goblin territories. Talik seeks their leader to cut this attack off at the head.

Strength: 18, Constitution: 22, Dexterity: 25,

Wisdom: 16, Intelligence: 24, Charisma: 8

Abilities: Weapon Mastery (Two-handed Sword) VIIICasting Focus VIIIArmed Casting VIIIBattle Magic V, Cleave V, Kick XII, Crusade (Livecap) III, Anticipation IIISpell Casting I

Skills: Agility VIII, Weapon Skill II

Talik is an extremely dangerous fighter up close, especially early in a fight when she has access to magic. With Agility VIII, she can pass through 10 arcs and radii in a turn, giving her one attack and nine parries each turn while casting, more than she can make reliably with her combat ability. With Battle Magic V, she can double up to an 8 DoP spell, exactly the length of Battle Spell she can cast in 1 turn. She could cast longer spells, since she takes over 130% chance of spell interruption before it is even possible to interrupt her spells.

Between Weapon Mastery and Weapon Skill, she gets +11 To-Hit and +5 to damage using her two-handed sword. She also gets an additional +8 damage against Livecaps from crusade. This is added to 2d6*2.7 regular damage with her strength multiplier. Dealing this much damage, she is highly likely to kill low level enemies and get to Cleave for 100% damage against a second enemy. With no chance of missing and 74% chance of getting a critical hit on attacks. She retains a better than 50% chance of parrying without a critical failure up to the eighth parry.

With her agility, she can attack every turn  with a two-handed sword. Her attacks are harder to dodge due to anticipation, but to make matters more difficult, she can kick every turn, dealing significant damage with kicks and either forcing the target to waste a dodge on the kick or risk being off balanced. Either way, the penalty a target gets dodging her sword blows is significant.

Add to her danger with the sword a fire gout or some such each turn or two, and she is a real threat.

How you handle Talik? Would she be a friend or an enemy? How would you use her as a GM? Would you be interested in running her in a campaign fighting the Livecaps? How would the players meet her? Let us know in the comments below.  

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