Character Thursday-Riek Liput (Human Fighter PC)

Since I’ve apparently decided to build a party of three and follow their made up adventures, here’s the second member of the party, a human fighter built for damage output, but not overly optimized; he can take a hit, too.


Riek Liput was born into a family of soldiers in Sulma. His father, grandfather, and great grandfather all served as border patrol men fighting the orcs and Sumak to the South. He trained eagerly with his father and grandfather from a young age, eager to prove himself to the Archon Lord of Sulma when he was grown. He was disappointed by the indifference of the Archon Lord. Despite his pride in his family tradition guarding the border, he began to distrust the Archons’ dedication to the humans over which they ruled.

Levels 1-5:

When an elven mage, Filn Ragleaf, arrived in Sulma looking for a warrior among the border patrols to join him in investigating a mysterious threat to his people, Riek was taken in. The mage respected he and his kin’s prowess in battle. He went, taking with them a thief he had sworn into his service: Michael Dorne.

They traveled North into the Black Forest, Riek acting as the point fighter with the support of Michael and Filn. He grew stronger and more furious in battle, soon he was mightier than any patrolman he had ever known, as powerful as the Archons themselves.

Strength: 21, Constitution: 20, Dexterity: 15,

Wisdom: 8, Intelligence: 10, Charisma: 10

Abilities: Weapon Mastery (Broad Sword) VBlade Dance IV, Kick IV, War Cry III, Crusade (Orc) I

Skills: Weapon Skill V, Second Hand II

Riek Liput is a powerful fighter for level 5, having no non-combative abilities. He is especially good against groups of enemies in close quarters, with Blade Dance decimating anyone near him. However, with a broadsword and dagger, he is quite capable of fighting a single foe as well, throwing in a kick here and there.

Would you play a character like this? What do you like about him? Any changes you’d make? Let us know in the comments below.  

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