Character Thursday-Lysle Hittite (Human Bard)

As an extension of yesterday’s Rusty Tankard post, today’s character is the tavern bard, providing more details on the history of the Rusty Tankard and giving an indication of what one of the tavern’s defenders is capable of.

Backstory and Levels 1-20:

Lysle enlisted in the Aigure infantry, where he was trained into shape despite being a drummer.  Due to his talents as a fighter and as a speaker, Lysle became the flag bearer for his division shortly into the Fourth Guren War.  Two years later when the war ended, Lysle was a well decorated war hero.  All the same, when the infantry was reduced to peacetime levels, 24 year old Lysle volunteered to retire, joining up with a group of ambitious ex-soldiers who were determined to conquer the impassable Mergai Mountains after having to march around them and back in the war.

Their party was among the first explorers pushing into the mountains.  The goblin and dragon infested mountains provided common ground for human adventurers from both Aigure and Guren.  Soon, their unified ambition had tamed a large section of the mountains and they had carved a road through the lowest pass between Aigure and Guren.  Lysle was one of the primary voices motivating the alliance of dozens of adventurers.  With his help, conflict between the humans was kept to a minimum and they were able to conquer the bickering goblins tribes.  They were able to clear the road.  And they were able to build the Rusty Tankard inn.

When the other adventurers left, leaving the mountains to trappers and hunters, Lysle Hittite and his companions were the only ones left, watching over the inn.  Lysle claims the spot as tavern Bard, while Harken, the Illusionist, and Lydia, the Rogue, run the bar and kitchen.  Their Ranger, Dillan, stayed for a while before becoming restless and moving on to new adventures.

Strength: 14, Constitution: 14, Dexterity: 21,

Wisdom: 12, Intelligence: 18, Charisma: 33

Abilities: Weapon Mastery (Short Sword) X, Heroic Endeavor VII, Shield Bash VI, Kick IV, Rallying Call VII, Play Instrument/Sing VII, Battle Song V, Persuade VI, Convince VI, Encourage III, Swift Magic II

Skills: Diplomacy XV, Weapon Skill II

Lysle is a very powerful NPC.  Looking at his stats and abilities, he certainly looks very powerful.  However, he is not well optimized, he is just level 20, a higher level than we have ever done.  Most of his levels are oriented toward organizing people and leadership.

In personal combat, he is fairly dangerous with a short sword and small shield.  His short sword can attack with 1d6+7 damage and +15 To-Hit and he can kick every 3 turns for 1d4+2 damage and shield bash every turn for 1d6+2 damage with +1 To-Hit and not have a block penalty.  This is enough to get critical hits more than half the time with the short sword, and his alternate forms of attack make him quite threatening.  On top of this, with Heroic Endeavor VII he can increase both Strength and Dexterity by ten (10) points for 5 round once per day.  While he generally uses this skill for darts and arm wrestling nowadays, a ruckus begun early enough in the evening would certainly meet with his enhanced 24 Strength and 31 Dexterity.

His support abilities, Rallying Call and Battle Song, are not of much use in his retirement, but it is likely he could Rally the tavern patrons against any threat.  His Rallying Call could effect a large number of people, increasing their morale and combat power for a long time. The same could be done with Battle Song, though that would prevent him from joining the fray immediately.

His strongest skills, the ability to convince people that something is true and the ability to persuade people to do things, are extreme.  On any attempt to convince or persuade someone, he has a +74% to his chance to succeed.  He is the king of the triple-dog-dare.

People love to visit the Rusty Tankard.  They wake up with much higher morale after spending the evening listening to Lysle Hittite play and sing (+25%).

How would you use Lysle Hittite as a Master Weaver?  Would he passively aide your players with a song and some strong words of advice?  Would he mess with them with misinformation?  Would he end up rallying the tavern against them?  Comment below and let us know/

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