Character Thursday-Enrick Loghsmyth (Dwarf Brawler)

After making the Wield Object/Person post on Tuesday, I couldn’t help but remember a character I’d designed that tried to use pure Object Wielding to be as effective in combat as Hand Fighting and other similar abilities at high levels.  What do you think?


Enrick and the rest of the Loghsmyth brood were members of the Finesteel clan.  The clan was well known for its fine workmanship: clocks, gears, and-the Loghsmyth brood’s specialty-locks.  The highly dextrous and clever brood of dwarves made everything from safes, to padlocks, to puzzle locks, growing famous throughout the realm.  While the Finesteel clan grew quite wealthy through their unmatchable fineries, this did little to protect them when the drow decided the wealth would mean more in their hands.

Enrick had been dextrous enough to do much of the menial work of his brood, but had shown little promise for invention.  He had, however, been as strong as any dwarf in the clan.  When the attack came, he fought valiantly with whatever came under his hand.  It quickly became clear that they would be wiped out.  Enrick’s father gave him a solemn charge.  He directed him to protect the Finesteel Adamantium Safe and its contents.  Enrick pulled the 110 pound safe from it’s place and fled the Finesteels Hall.  He wept that morning when he was sure the drow no longer pursued him.  However, he never forgot his charge to protect the impenetrable puzzle safe, though he knew not what was inside.

Levels 1-10:

To better protect the Finesteel safe, Enrick joined up with a group of adventurers he thought he could trust.  Though he had no combat experience, he sought to use his knowledge of devices to make himself useful.  When the adventurers proved to be interested in more violent endeavors, Enrick took to wielding the safe as a weapon.  The party found him to be a useful barrier between them and the enemy.  

Strength: 35, Constitution: 16, Dexterity: 18,

Wisdom: 12, Intelligence: 10, Charisma: 8

Abilities: Wield Object/Person XII, Body Shield III, Kick VIII, Hand Fighting I, Grab II, Understand Artifact I, Trap I, Disarm Trap I, Pick Lock I, Rush I, Anticipation II

Skills: Agility IX, Perception I

I’m going to admit, I take a little advantage here in my backstory.  I figure I can convince the Master Weaver to give me Wield Object, it’s right there in my backstory.  And I don’t mind him giving me whatever, miscellaneous locksmith abilities.  But when I ask for a “110 pound safe” it’s kind of a sly move.  110 pounds is exactly the heaviest thing Enrick can wield with 22 strength at level 1.  By level 10 and 35 strength, I can swing that safe every turn.  Speaking of which, I also would have to do some convincing to get the Master Weaver to help me double up on Strength and Wield Object/Person with the Master Weaver point most levels.  Let’s just assume he obliges me.

By level 10, with 35 Strength and Wield Object/Person XII, Enrick is swinging that safe every turn for 2d10*5.25 damage, with a (3d6*2.8)+14 To-Hit.  He can miss, but less than 1% of the time.  He will get critical hits most of the time, the weapon is heavy enough and he strong enough that parrying is suicidal for most characters even if successful.  Dodging is an okay option, since most characters are able to get higher than the 17 Enrick’s Anticipation II requires on a dodge.  However, to counteract this, Enrick has Kick VIII, allowing him to kick every other turn to hopefully off-balance the enemy.  His high agility also means he will get his turn often enough to possibly get two attacks off at a dodging foe.

Most of Enrick’s other abilities are character background.  They define him and allow him to be marginally useful in specific situations requiring those skills, provided no one else can perform them better.

Enrick also gives the Master Weaver another interesting puzzle to work in custom to the character.  If the Master Weaver can come up with something interesting to put in the safe and a good, unique puzzle lock to open it, the player’s curiosity might make the safe more than simply a weapon, though if they are fighting enemies in metal armor or using the safe to break through metal or stone, it could break at any moment, revealing the surprise.

You think an object wielding character could work for you?  Let us know below.  We’ll do more in coming weeks.

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