Monster Monday-Livecaps

Another in the humanoids are monsters series. Humanoids behave rationally, unlike other monsters, and so are more likely to negotiate and compromise. Their ability to have classes and powers like those of player characters also makes them powerful and varied foes.

I’m starting a new pack I call “Exiles”. It includes Livecaps, Drow (Dark Elves),

Nekolyns (Cat People), and Osprytes (Bird People). I’ll begin with Livecaps, the only species of sentient fungoid in Mind Weave. They are the most religiously oriented of the Mind Weave races and make good clerics, paladins, and priests.


Livecaps are sentient, but they are not particularly independent. They bond with each other as a community on a deep level, having shared spores all their lives. They are not prone to leadership, but are willing to accept the guidance of a deity and possess a great respect for those that commune with one. Livecaps are very trusting of deities that accept them and will generally act in alignment with whatever deity suits them, good, evil, or neutral.

They generally live underground, often in wet regions. Their communities tend to be large and fill winding cave complexes. Many Livecaps will live their whole lives in these communities and never leave. They work hard to defend their territory from underground denizens and generally do not look to expand or travel. Separate Livecap communities rarely have any contact between them.

Despite their large size (6-8 feet tall), they have a land speed like that of Halflings, Gnomes, and Dwarves at 18. Livecaps heal it much like plants do, healing at a tenth the speed of fleshy creatures and requiring material and earth in addition to life and animal to heal. They are extremely tough (+4 Constitution) and have hard hides (a base armor of 2 1 1). Though they communicated well with each other, their appearance and expectations of reason and mutual understanding are very different than those of other races (-10 Charisma in interactions with non-Livecaps). They are very wise when they need to be (+ 6 Wisdom) party due to their long lives. Some Livecaps high priests are known to live since before the oldest memories of Elves, Dwarves and Lizardfolk.

Livecaps get Natural Weapon I by birthright. They will sometimes use it to form weapons of their own appendages, but this is painful and they prefer to use it on other materials.


Among Livecap societies, the highest aspiration is to be chosen as a mouthpiece for a deity. Perhaps it is because they have lived long enough to respect the never-ending power of the gods, or perhaps it is because they have no ambition of their own beyond keeping safe their brood.

Cleric-Most Livecaps have religious training in the traditions of their community’s deity. Most members of the society are at least Disciples (Cleric Acolytes) but many of them will become clerics to the deity, including magic training in line with the deity’s tendencies.

Fighter-Livecaps often find they are well suited for battle. With Natural Weapon, they can be very effective. Though usually trained in the ways of their deity, many capable Livecaps will take on roles as warriors to defend their people. With their religious training, they often become Paladins of the deity.

Paladin-Particularly in threatened or endangered Livecap societies, holy warriors will become prevalent to protect the society and the priestly order. In particularly warlike societies, Paladins will be the leaders of the society. They’ll take counsel from the high priests, but will lead the warriors in defense and in raids on the surrounding area.

Priest-Usually, the highest authorities in Livecap societies are high priests of their patron deity. The most talented Livecaps often become important priests in the society. Because they continue to grow their talents, it is rare for a living leader to be replaced, but if a more talented priest arises, he will replace him without violence if the deity wills it.

If tales about the lifespans of Livecaps is true, they may have memories or at least stories of times long before those remembered by other races. However, there extreme isolation from most events in the world means that they will probably have missed most of what other races would be interested to know.

Livecaps are impressive as religious characters. Player Characters from among them are clear misfits in their world, but might be very effective among their own kind. If you were in an underground campaign and discovered that Livecaps live nearby, would you expect them to be helpful? Would you contact them? How would you use them as a Master Weaver? Let us know in the comments below!

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