Resadin-King of Sand and Scorpions

Resadin-King of Sand and Scorpions (Deity)

He is tricky and vengeful. He admires hardness and speed, but especially cunning. He hates softness and dullness.

Resadin rules unchallenged in the desert dunes of Trethal and many of the evil gods turn to him to exact their revenge on mortals who escape there. His followers are cruel and hardened and seek to use the desert’s desolation to their profit. He can move his vision Trethal’s surface, but is blinded by the presence of water. He can also see from the eyes of any representation of a scorpion.

Alignment: Neutral Evil (1, -7)

Worshipers: Bandits, Slavers, Assassin

Symbols: scorpions, daggers

Colors: black, green, yellow

Blessing: Poison damage, 2 damage per turn for 1d3 turns.

Gifts of Power: Make Dry, Far Sight, Call Scorpions, Summon Giant Scorpion, Poison Arms, Great Sand Storm

Artifacts: Sand Drinker, Infallible Hunter, Rod of the Desert

Would one of your characters worship this sinister deity? Are his gifts interesting enough for you to build a character around? Let us know in the comments below. 

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