Character Thursday-Tavis Malta (Human Magic-user)

Today is a magic-user PC with a background in the Navy. He’s got a lot of casting power and by level 10 he has a good chunk of the components, though he has had to choose from the pool and doesn’t have it all. His abilities are focused on encharge spells so he can buff himself and others.


Tavis’ parents were very proud when he was tapped to join the Tinin Magic Academy. They had saved their money from their carpentry shop for years in order to get their brilliant son tested. With his puzzle scores higher than anyone else, the school brought him in primarily for artifact study and enchantment research. Tavis was proud too, but was hesitant to leave his family and friends. Still, they told him it was an unmatchable opportunity and he went.

Levels 1-10:

Tavis did alright in his classes and he was credited with breakthroughs studying complex items recovered from the ruins of Reach. He enjoyed casting spells and became a proficient inventor of spells through his experimentation. When he graduated, he was a highly sought after mage and received many offers through the school. He considered staying on at the school as a researcher, but he realized that the reason he so loved studying artifacts was because of the mystery of them.

He decided to take a position with the Tinin Navy on a ship bound for the Midgeland coast, hoping to make a landing in Reach and move North to the Black Isles. Early in their journey he put his long dormant carpentry skills to work and learned some new components and spells suitable for naval use. He became well respected on the ship and reports of his magical feats were heard in the capital. They became interested in using him for other purposes.

Strength: 10, Constitution: 13, Dexterity: 21,

Wisdom: 14, Intelligence: 25, Charisma: 8

Abilities: Spell Casting XII, Encharge Mastery VII, Understand Artifact X, Extend Encharge III, Swim IV, Greater Casting I, Magical Intuition I, Arcane Knowledge I, Disarm Trap I

Skills: Perception VI, Second Hand V

Tavis is a pretty effective magic-user. Most spells he casts will be doubled in power or at least close. He focuses on encharges and can encharge people and things with spells like flight and haste for a much longer and stronger effect. The upcoming water walking spell is something that would be right up his alley.

RepairWoodI mention that he’s learned spells useful for his life in the navy. Repair wood might be a good example of this kind of spell, allowing him to fix parts of the ship. With his Understand Artifact level, his player could justify repairing even very complicated parts on the ship with magic. He’d certainly be a useful crew member to have along, and with his other magic options, he could be a powerful caster in any party. His buffs would be welcomed by all.

Interested in playing an encharge magic-user? Do you prefer more flashy explosive magic? Let us know in the comments below. 

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