Saturday Spell-Flight


A mage apparently focused on encharges flies into town.

Flight is a tricky thing.  It took mankind a long time to learn to use the physics of air to fly.  But they didn’t have magic, did they.  While a player could, conceivably, convince his Master Weaver that with some contraption he is going to be able to fly with less magic, this spell takes the direct approach to flight: calling upon enough wind to cancel out the force of gravity from below.

As usual, I am going to assume whatever components are most convenient are also known, but since most mages won’t be trained with a single spell in mind, this spell can also be done in other ways, such as using order instead of chaos, which requires two sets of arcs, or removing wind(half) fingers, which the mage might not want to learn.

A good number for the wind speed necessary to cancel gravity with drag is 125 mph, from human terminal velocities.  In an encharge situation, we get 120 mph*turns, or 240 mph*seconds for a full finger, 120 mph*second for an arc or chaos finger, and 140 mph*second for a half finger.  Each chaos finger also expands maximum flight time by 4 seconds(from a minimum of 8 seconds).  Since a person sized target can use “on” power levels, all of the values are doubled.

With 12 DoP of wind and 2 DoP of chaos explosive force, we have a total of 3200 mph*seconds of wind.  We can choose 8-24 seconds of flight, the number of seconds determining the rate of acceleration.  I will choose 24 seconds, giving 133.33 mph of wind each second.  This amounts to about 2.1 feet of acceleration a second, so I could fly for 24 seconds reaching a maximum speed of 50.4 feet a second, roughly double that of a human sprinting.  This means on average I would be moving sprint speed (as if unencumbered), though flying.  Unfortunately, this indicates that a Wind Walk spell may be more effective for most applications.

Most mages will have bonuses DoP from their levels in spell casting, some may gave Encharge Mastery, which allows them to put more power in encharges.  With these two enhancements, a flight spell could be made to last longer with higher acceleration.  A Wind Walk spell would still have longer duration, but always be limited by foot speed.  Flight’s acceleration model makes it more useful for certain situations.

The spell would cost 176 sp.  It has 8 finger changes, 3 syllables, and 6 arcs and radii.  With no agility and 15 dexterity this is a 8.67 second spell for a left handed character. Flight is not generally of combat spell, but if used in combat the time required to cast it would give it a high risk of failure.

Left Hand:

Ros (travel radius): wind, chaos

Oh (wind arc): wind(half)

Oh (wind arc): wind, chaos

Oh (wind arc): wind(half)

Oh (wind arc): wind

Ros (travel radius):

Saying “on(x2),ru(augment), juo(encharge)”

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Maybe Wind Walk?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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