Saturday Spell-Haste

HasteThere was great need for speed, but their horses would not be able to navigate the narrow corridors. Polid knew the just the spell for the situation and as the Marcus dismounted he intoned a spell, arms and fingers working furiously.  

Marcus moved into the corridors with inhuman quickness despite his armor as Polid dismounted and gave chase. They would prevail yet.

Haste is a spell that can be justified in many ways, in this case we use the physics of wind resistance to convert a consistent wind from behind into a speed boost.  A similar concept could be used to put a wind in an enemy’s face and slow him.

Right Hand:

Ros (Travel Radius): Order (Full)

Oh (Wind Arc):

Dain (Occult Radius): Order (Full)

Left Hand:

Ros (Travel Radius):  Wind (Full)

Oh (Wind Arc): Wind (Half)

Oh (Wind Arc): Wind (Full)

Oh (Wind Arc): Wind (Half)

Dain (Occult Radius): Wind (Full)

saying “on ba juo grai”

This spell targets a single person for a speed boost and edges right up to the 16 DoP limit on encharges. It creates a total wind of (10d6+4d3+2)*2*10 mph.  With 4 DoP of order power we can apply this wind a couple of ways.  We can start it at half rolled power and have it linearly decline over (4d6+2d3+1)*2 turns or we can divide the reduced maximum over a fixed number of turns.  For most haste requiring situations, I’d prefer the later.

That approach gives us 82.32% of the maximum possible wind, 1480 mph=>1218.37 mph, to split over 4 to 12 rounds (for a mage with no bonuses applied).  If you’ll remember our acceleration from wind rule of thumb from the flight spell, our footspeed boost is given by windspeed*32/125.  This means that with 12 rounds of haste we can get a footspeed boost of about 26 feet.  This is significant, more than doubling the average, unburdened person’s travel speed.  Note that this boost can be applied to movement and dodge rolls, but behaves like a boost to racial speed and does not effect turn order or frequency.

Any self-respecting wind mage and most support mages would do well to have these components (if lacking wind(half), the spell is just a little longer).  This spell costs 208 SP.  It has a casting time of 11.67 seconds for a left-handed caster with no Agility and 15 Dexterity and 13.67 for a similar right-handed caster.  This seems long for an emergency speed boost, but more than doubling the target’s speed for 24 seconds may be worth it.

Would you play a mage that uses magic for this kind of support role? How else could you add speed without having an agility character in the party? Any other spells or variations you’d like to see. Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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