Saturday Spell-Water Walking

WaterWalkingThe ships pass each other, archers firing ineffectually across the gap. The faster pirate ship makes no indication of coming about to make another pass, seeming as if it would continue on.

The ship mage makes a snap judgement. He begins casting a spell on the ship’s best swordsman.

This spell uses principles similar to those in flight and haste to support the target to be able to walk on water. The math is a little different, with water speed converted to a pressure value, we need the pressure times the size of the foot to be equal to the weight of the target. P = 0.5*rho*v² with rho=1000 kg/m³ or 62.4 lb/ft³ since we want P in pounds per square foot. We’ll also need to convert the speed from mph to fps with the factor 1.46667.

Right Hand:

Ros (Travel Radius): Water (Full), Order (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Water (Half)

Vi (Water Arc): Water (Full), Order (Full)

Vi (Water Arc): Water (Half)

Vi (Water Arc): Order (Full)

Neta (Nature Radius):

saying “on ba juo”

We’re using this as an encharge here, with over time expenditure of the power, as with haste.  Since this time our results depend largely on the weight of the target, we’ll assume a man weighing 250 pounds (with equipment) and booted soles 1 foot squared in area. This requires a pressure of 250 pounds per square foot. We have a total of 2*62*1.467*0.91=165.53 feet per second of water speed we can divide up and we only need 2.83 feet per second in a given second. That’s 58.5 seconds, or 29ish rounds. We only have enough order fingers to get 16 rounds, so we’re putting nearly double the power we need into each round. That’s fine, it accounts for feet a little smaller and allows for heavier loads.

A caster like Tavis Malta could cast a spell like this with several extra DoP and a big DoP bonus. Adding order fingers (and maybe half order fingers) to balance the water he also adds, Tavis could easily devise a water walking spell to last 120 seconds.

This type of spell is useful in a lot of situations. For example, the average Mind Weave character runs more than twice as fast as a boat can sail, when unburdened. He also runs significantly faster than he can swim. This means the ideal form of transportation in the water is water walking. How would you use it?

Would get water components in order to cast a spell like this? Would you like to have a spell like this available in the party? Any other spells or variations you’d like to see? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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