World Building Wednesday-The Ruins of Reach

History of Reach

Reach was built by a group of explorers sent across what they knew as the Hungry Ocean at the behest of their deity, Dainlen, the Lady of Truth.  The current inhabitants of the Western Continent, Alvar and Tinin, had thought the story of Reach and the deity Dainlen to be mere legend until they found the Ruins of Reach.

The legend says that Dainlen had counselled the emperor on the Eastern Continent that there was a land beyond the Hungry Ocean that could be reached.  She provided him with a powerful artifact that would allow his settlers of the new continent to communicate with him and share the knowledge she promised they would find.  The emperor commissioned the doubling of his fleet and the creation of several large transport vessels in order to make the trip.

Within a year they sailed into the Hungry Ocean, knowing they would never return.  Their flagship bore a Union Tome, the most revered artifact of the knowledge goddess.  They could write upon it and the writing would appear upon its partner tome, left behind with the emperor’s scribes.  Some of the best of the empire went with it.

RuinsOfReachGuided by Dainlen’s priests, the fleet reached the Midgeland within a few months.  In recognition of the monumental effort and length of their stride, the settlers called their city Reach.  Shortly after they had founded their city and prepared the means to feed their people and their troops, they received new instructions from the capital of the Eastern Continent.  The emperor, under Dainlen’s direction, directed them to declare war on the Empire of Wesarin and eliminate the Serpent Goddess’ influence in the Western Continent.  Given that Dainlen’s name is no longer worshipped on either continent, the historians of Alvar and Tinin can only surmise that Dainlen was making a last, desperate effort to maintain her power.Reach

At the onset, the war against the Lizardfolk went very well. The settlers of Reach were able to expand quickly, growing their capital and building villages throughout their conquered territory.  By Winter in the first year of the campaign, they had pushed the Lizardfolk 40 miles back from their capital.  They planned to push again in the Spring but when the thaw came, they were met with hordes of undead.  Undead army continued to swell despite their best efforts and they were forced to fortify their settlements and entrench themselves.

That was when the dragon came.  It flew into Reach from the North, slaughtering farmers before continuing on to the keep where the Union Tome was kept by the priests of Dainlen and the top generals.  Within a few hours, the dragon had either killed or driven off most all of the citizens of Reach.  With their greatest city in ruins and their support cut off, the rest of the human and elf settlements quickly fell to the flood of undead.  Reach itself was occupied by a contingent of undead by mid-Summer.

Reach in Ruins

Alvar and Tinin became aware of Reach in their efforts to scout the coasts of the Midgeland.  Despite the ruins still being occupied by one of Shilin’s Dead Lords and its contingency, both nations have made a number of incursions into the city to obtain information about the area.  Most of what they know about the Midgeland comes from the keep library in Reach.

The Dead Lord of Reach generally occupies the keep from which he can watch and coordinate his forces.  He was a goblin in life, but his forces are primarily elves and humans with a occasional orc, goblin, or lizardfolk in the mix.  They are spread fairly thin in the city and Alvar and Tinin have had success luring them out of the keep enough to reach the libraries.

As a player, how would you go about infiltrating the keep?  Would you want to?  As a Master Weaver, what would you hide there?  What would your players be getting into?  Let us know below.

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