Progress Update-Best of Blog

Well, since I don’t really have anything great to put up on these progress updates lately, here’s a review of the best recent stuff:

Bronze Dragon-Also called a Beast Dragon, the Bronze Dragon can become animals and suck the life from animals and humanoids with his breath weapon.

Character Arcs-Recent activities in the test campaign made me realize how much funner the game is and how much better the story is when players are invested in their characters.

Pliinreuk Cavern-The largest area I’ve mapped in much detail, a hive of goblins around an underground lake with clan rivalries and complex politics.

Talik Capbane-A resident of Pliinreuk Cavern during a Livecap invasion. She’s a Battle Mage and so inspired a number of drawings for other posts including the Fire Dance spell, the Kick ability, and even an 11 panel strip in the Upper Hand spell.

Magic System Videos-The quickest way to understand the magic system is to cruise through this video play list.

As always, thanks for reading!

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