Pliinreuk Cavern: Goblin Hive

Pliinreuk Cavern is a network of caves surrounding the massive underground Pliin Lake. It is filled with quarreling goblin clans who share a complicated and chaotic politics of alliances and leverages. Made in answer to this month’s blog carnival topic, What’s in the hole?PliinreukCavernFifteen separate tribes occupy the cracks and crevices of the caverns. They are all to one degree or another beholden to the largest tribe, the Dark Isle tribe occupying the large island in Upper Pliin Lake and many of its shores. They receive a tribute of food from the other tribes. Without it, they would not cultivate enough food to sustain their numbers. They retain their hold on the other tribes through threat of destruction and control of the passages connecting North and South (together with the most threaten of all, the High Corner tribe). Their island can only be accessed through the “High Way,” a tunnel in the rock above the lake which they control, and by boat.

The second most powerful tribe, the Twin Stream tribe, refuses tribute to the Dark Isle tribe, but does send gifts of good will. Though the Dark Isle tribe has man points of access to their territory, an attack would be very costly to them and the Twin Stream tribe has damns prepared to close off the fast flowing rivers that feed the lake. They have demonstrated the ability to lower its level within hours and threaten a full draining in if attacked. They are also a good buffer against the Axelwrought Dwarves that are rumored to have attacked in ancient times. If they could contact the other tribes without passing through Dark Isle territory, they would try to rally them in rebellion. Their control of the tunnel up to safe surface in the Angry Wilds (at E) gives them significant influence.

The Cap Hunters are respected by all of the tribes and generally left alone. They live in the passageway to Tealmüt and keep the Livecaps living there at bay. They trade mostly in stories of battle against the fungoid enemies and are considered the best blooded of the tribes.

The Coast Mongers and Lappers struggle for control of the island fortifications in the neck of Pliin Lake, constantly threatening to invade each other. Anyone crossing the island bridges can expect to pay a toll to each faction, if not more than one.

Also reliant on tolls to sustain their numbers and lifestyle, the Bridges and Loaders tribes each control half of the outlet from Pliin Lake. They have a fairly peaceful relationship and have agreed to keep their tolls low to compete with the route across the islands to the North.

The Low Watch is responsible for keeping an eye on the tunnel surfacing in the Interriver Vale, but since the tower that watched that vale was destroyed, that tunnel has been an almost free route to the surface, for those with a reason to go there.

The remaining tribes are isolated and even the larger ones are relegated to a place as pawns in the politics of Pliinreuk Cavern.

The tribes are not well enough organized to make any significant movements on the surface, but still there is talk of them whenever a caravan or child goes missing.

How would you infiltrate the caverns as a player? How would you deal with the conflicting Goblin tribes? How would you use them as a Master Weaver? Let us know in the comments below.


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