Saturday Spell-Fire Dance

FireDanceTalik rushed in close to the livecaps, slashing into one with her mighty sword and crying, “ki juo!”

The other livecaps stepped close enough to strike while still able to evade another swing. The goblin was casting and would not be able to dodge their attacks. They were surprised when she batted down each of their blows. And she was still casting.

Her next blow brought with it fire, tearing mercilessly through the foe before her and continuing on to fell another. “Ki juo,” and again she was casting. The spell was only interrupted by her need to pursue.

Either or both hands (if two-handed weapon):

Ku (Physical Radius):

Des (Positive Energy Arc):

Ful (Fire Arc) x 8

Des (Positive Energy Arc):

Ku (Battle Radius):

saying “ki juo”

This is a pretty simple spell, though a little long for a battle magic spell, it suits an agile fighter like Talik. Still, she might be better served finishing a shorter spell on her turn and beginning another spell to finish on the next turn. As it is, this adds 10d6 damage to the spell, averaging 35 damage. It costs 64 SP to cast and takes Talik just over 2 seconds. The average person would require 14 seconds.

Battle spells lose a lot of the versatility offered by pure magic because they lack the very specific kinds of effects fingers offer: area of effect, duration, charges, fast range, chain effects, improved accuracy, and reduced dodgeability. Full fingers also had power more quickly and half fingers more efficiently, which can make Battle Magic spells feel underpowered.

However, for a character with Armed Casting, Battle Spells are a way to cast while fighting. A little Casting Focus reduces the risk of interruption while doing so. Talik adds Agility to the mix, meaning she can cast these kinds of spells quickly as well. In fact, she can cast so quickly that with the Oh Arc and the ‘on’ power syllable, she can add range to a spell at 40 feet per second, faster than just about anything. Now, she also needs to add power and have radii, but with a few of those, she can easily catch an enemy with a spell as long as they have to stay line of sight, particularly slower creatures like dwarves and livecaps.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Had enough fire spells yet?  What would you like to see that’s different?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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