Monster Monday-Exhumer

“Well, they say someone’s been digging around in the graveyard. We better check it out.”

“Stake out the graveyard all night?”

“It’s the least we could do. They’re probably desecrating those soldiers who fell, taking their equipment.”Exhumer

Here’s a digging undead I developed in response to the What’s in the Hole? Blog Carnival.


Health Points: 4d6

Spell Points: None

Attack 1: 1d4+1 (claws), 12 Dex, Speed 1.5, Both Hands

Attack 2: 1d8 (bite), +2 poison damage 1d3 turns, 14 Dex, Speed 1

Special Attack: Carrion Breath, anything faced at close quarters or grappled must make a Will Check each round against 6 or vomit uncontrollably for a round, taking 3d6 fatigue, -5 to attacks and parries etc that round, and 3d4 strength damage (see Tome of Vigor and Vulnerability).

Special Defense: Eating putrid meat heals 2 per bite (1/20 cubic foot). Fresh meat heals only 0.5 per bite.

Strength: 20

Speed: 18

Digging Speed: 24 cubic feet per second, a man-sized tunnel at 2 feet per second, a man-sized crawlspace at 12 feet per second.

Armor: 2 2 2

Special: Climb II, Grab II (Intelligence 5, Dexterity 10, bite usable each 4 grapple rounds)

Description: Exhumers arise when bodies of those who died suffering are buried too close to each other. They are particularly common in mass graves, but can also occur in densely packed graveyards. Sometimes, they will remain below ground for months eating nearby corpses and even each other before surfacing. They surface primarily out of curiosity when they hear something moving nearby and can be quite dangerous. They are quite territorial and will fight each other over food if it is not abundant. Other undead in their territory are seen primarily as prey.

Their preferred combat technique is to move in close for a grapple, biting as they wrestle. The average person is incapacitated by their putrid breath and eaten alive. These terrors have been known to wipe out entire towns with their ravenous hunger after battles have left numerous dead buried nearby. Exhumers prefer to seek out buried dead to consume, but they are perfectly willing to hunt by following foot steps from underground.

A called exhumer can be bound to a necromancer for 40 SP maintenance.

As a player, how would you handle a town asking you to cleanse the graveyard? As a Master Weaver, would you use them as a one-off encounter or could you build a bigger story around them? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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