Monster Monday-Milvirian (Lizard Sage)

LizardSageMichael shook his head, removing his ear from the the lock. “I don’t recognize the language, just one voice, probably reading.”

“Good enough for me,” Riek kicked the door in, stepping into a room that smelled of books and fire. Standing by a window, a robed figure that looked almost like a lizardman stood, claw on a book. But he knew enough to know lizardfolk didn’t have wings.

“Watch the staff,” Filn warned, beginning to cast. Riek charged, assured that Filn had recognized a foe.

Milvirian (Lizard Sage)

Health Points: 6d6+50

Spell Points: 200, 50 SP/hour recovery

Attack: 1d6, Speed 1/4 (Bite); 1d4, Speed 1.5 (claw), 1d4, Speed 1.5 (claw)

Dexterity: 12 (Bite), 15 (Claws and Casting)

Strength: 14 (Bite), 8 (Claws/arms)

Speed: 24 (Land), 32/4 (Flight)

Armor: 3 2 3

Special: Spell Casting IV, Swift Magic IV, Arcane Magic IV, Second Hand V, Magical Intuition XII

Rod of the Dragon: adult Lizard Sages will each possess a Rod of the Dragon. The brass rods with a dragon head pommel have two eye sockets able to receive powerful gems that grant the staff powers usable twice daily:

  • Emerald: 3 turns of 2d6 healing in a 10 foot radius
  • Ruby: 45 degree cone of fire with 6d6 fire damage at the origin (R squared loss)
  • Sapphire: 45 degree cone of ice with 6d6 cold damage at the origin (R squared loss)
  • Diamond: 6d6*10 mph of wind for 4 seconds
  • Amethyst: Mind Control with range 20 feet with a Will Check against 15
  • Opal: All others within a 20 foot radius confused for 2d6 turns
  • Pearl: +10d4% Fatigue to all in a 20 foot radius
  • Garnet: Reshape, destroy, or create 8d6 cubic feet of earth.

They will keep two gems in the rod at all times. The rest will be well hidden in their nest somewhere, often separately. They are very valuable, but mostly in connection with a Rod of the Dragon.

Description: Milvirians are the nearest of all drakes to sentience. Their minds are well-developed enough to read many languages and they are incredibly well suited to accessing magic. Milvirians have only 3 fingers on each hand: fire/water, wind/earth, and chaos/order. This causes their magic to be very elemental. They also have absolute mastery of the Arcane circle, with varying applications of their cheaper arcs. Their knowledge of magical syllables also varies from Milvirian to Milvirian.

Adult Milvirians stand at 6 feet tall with large wings. Their faces are horned and dragon-like, but in other respects they appear as lizardfolk. Milvirians are vain and will collect many things including fine clothing, books, and superior craftsmanship (jewelry, furniture, ornaments) for their own aggrandizement. Their nests will be full of their trinkets, many of which they make themselves. Often, these nests will have a dragon theme; Milvirians are often dragon worshipers. These nests may be underground, small buildings, or tree houses.

In combat they prefer magic, often using swift spells to fend off enemies. In a pinch, they will use the powers of their rod. As a last resort, they fight with tooth and claw.

As a player, how would you fight a Milvirian? Would you try to hunt down its power stones? As a Master Weaver, would you use them? How? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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