Monster Monday-Lizardfolk

Another Monday, another monster, another of my favorites, a humanoids as monsters post.  Lizardfolk, along with Orcs, are park of the “Dark Pack.”  Though often evil, they are sentient and willing to negotiate and compromise when it is a better option than fighting blindly.  They are, however, highly resolute and devout in their cause.  Being very religious, Lizardfolk will often prove more willing to die for their malicious values than yield to opposition.

Though usually primitive, Lizardfolk are very orderly and unified.  This unity almost always comes in the form of theocracy, with religious leaders who rally the members of the community in a common cause.  These communities tend to be nestled deep in the swamps in territory not claimed by other races.  They are sometimes found in other damp areas along rivers, near lakes, and in caves.  While they mostly focus on defending their shrines and temples, their deities may sometimes instill in them the ambition of conquest.

Lizardfolk have a reputation for villainy and evil among communities near them.  Though the Lizardfolk will sometimes send ambassadors, they are widely considered to be spies. Other humanoids distrust any Lizardfolk that try to come among them.  However, the Lizardfolk are often more than willing to obey laws and follow diplomatic processes to obtain their ends.

Lizardfolk are about Elf height ( a little shorter than humans) and lean with +2 Constitution.  They have swift fingers at +2 Dexterity and able minds at +2 Wisdom. Their cultural expectation of obedience to leadership sometimes proves a social handicap (-2 Charisma).  Like Humans, Elves, and Orcs, Lizardfolk have a racial speed of 24.  Male Lizardfolk have longer snouts than the females, with horns over their eyes, on their jaws, and under their chins.  The female Lizardfolk have wider snouts and jaws with no horns.

Living near or in water, all Lizardfolk have at least one level in the Swim and Hold Breath abilities.


Lizardfolk are highly religious and unified.  They focus their lives on the will of their deity and survive primarily to serve.

Cleric-The bulk of a Lizardfolk community’s civil, military, and religious leaders are Clerics.  Their magistrates, war party leaders, and shaman will usually be clerics devoted to the community deity and practiced in magics commended by that deity and useful in their functions.

Fighter-Lizardfolk live beyond the safety of civilization and often find themselves fighting beasts for their own protection.  Beyond this, they find they need to defend themselves against efforts against them by other communities, not to mention their own efforts to conquer when so commanded.  The majority of a Lizardfolk war party is comprised of fighters and soldiers.

Monk-Lizardfolk are capable of devotion and order superior to most any race.  These personality traits make them well suited to the life of a monk.  Lizardfolk will sometimes make pilgrimages to large temple to show devotion.  Lizardfolk monks are respected, though rare in smaller communities. They will sometimes be put in leadership positions.

Assassin-Though willing to pursue diplomacy, Lizardfolk will often resort to effecting political change in other nations through other means.  Lizardfolk assassins will often be religious zealots, often monks turned to stealth to serve the cause of their deity in secrecy.

Necromancer-When their deity supports such activity, or when times are desperate, Lizardfolk may turn to necromancy for strength. Often Lizardfolk necromancers will be asked to live apart from the rest of the society, but will be allowed to use Lizardfolk dead to build their forces.

Paladin-Paladins are fairly common as war party leaders.  Whether advanced from clerics, fighters, or monks, Lizardfolk paladins are very close to their deities and are eager to fight on the front lines in service to their religion.  In times of war, they will often be the leaders of the whole community.

Priest-In times of relative peace, Lizardfolk communities will almost always be lead by a Priest or group of Priests.  Lizardfolk priests are as devout as any other and will have a great focus on supportive magic such as healing an enhancement with which to serve their people.

Lizardfolk are more civil than other races often expect them to be.  They live long lives naturally and are slow to go to war if their are other means to achieve the mission laid down by their gods.

Lizardfolk, well suited to the rigors of religious magic and combat.  They make very good Clerics and Monks.  Would you play one for these or another reason?  How would you deal with an Lizardfolk society you’ve wandered into? What if they staked religious claim on fertile farm lands in a halfling nation?  How would you react as a player? How would you use them as a Master Weaver? Let us know in the comments below!

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