Ability Tuesday-Natural Empathy

Given recent posts about the weather algorithm and why it’s so important, I figure today is a good day to describe one of the abilities that makes it important: Natural Empathy.

Natural Empathy is just like it sounds. At low levels it gives the character a vague sense of the attitudes of animals, but as a character progresses in levels he gains the ability to know how the weather will behave over time, see the memories of plants, and even see as if from anywhere in a contiguous natural body up to a certain distance.

Elves, Druids, and Rangers get Natural Empathy automatically.  However, any character who spends significant time in nature can get it cross-class or as a backstory ability..

Would you like to have a sense of nature through natural empathy? How would you intend to use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 Responses to Ability Tuesday-Natural Empathy

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