Mind Weave Class-Druid


Tier: First

Origins: Acolyte-Druid (Herbalist)

Advancement: Priest, Ranger

Races: Humans, Orcs, Centaurs, Osprytes

Minimum Attributes:

Strength: 6 Constitution: 10 Dexterity: 12

Wisdom: 8 Intelligence: 14 Charisma: 10

CentaurDruidsFirst tier naturalistic warrior mages. They have minor skill with magic and arms, specializing in communion and cooperation with the forces of nature of all kinds. They worship the deities of nature and obtain some power from them. Intelligence is of primary concern for them, followed by constitution and dexterity.

Druids almost always come from the wilds: from forests, deserts, mountains, swamps, prairies, coasts, or jungles.  How they get there, however, can be very different.  Some discover the druidic path through the rituals of their tribe, others may be abandoned in the wild and grow there in communion with nature.  Some may pursue a solitary life away from the city, while others may be born in rural conditions and find they have an aptitude for nature.  They may be part of a formal organization of druids or solitary.

Initial Abilities: Call Animal I, Natural Empathy I

EagleFormInitial Skills: None

Potential Abilities: Animal Form, Arcane Knowledge, Climb, Control Animals, Control Plants, Hold Breath, Jump, Natural Weapon, Rapid Growth, Speak to Animals, Speak to Plants, Spell Casting, Stillness, Swim, Tend Wounds, Trap.

Associated Skills: Weapon Skill, Riding, Perception.

What kind of druid would you play? Would you be the animal? Would you rely on other animals and your animal companion? Would you focus on controlling and growing plants? Or would you use your affinity with nature to fight as a man? Let us know in the comments below.

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