Monster Monday-Jealkia

StormCrawlerAs the storm clouds rolled in over the village, the farmers barred their doors, confident everything was tied down properly, their cattle safely in the barns. They had not noticed the white specks skirting the dark clouds.

They could hear the cattle lowing in panic, but assumed it was merely the crashing thunder that had startled them. They had no idea what had ridden in on the lightning.

Health Points: 12d6+25

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d6 (Bite), 1d4+1 (sharp tail)

Special Defense: Flight, Swimming, Lightning Riding

Dexterity: 18 (Bite), 16 (Tail)

Strength: 12 (Bite), 14 (Tail)

Speed:32 (Land), 12 (Water), 42 (Flight)

Armor: 4 8 12

Special: Can sense potential. Impervious to lightning and cold damage.

Lightning Riding: any bolt of lightning striking such that it’s AoE would deal at least 2 damage to the Jealkia it can ride instantly to any altitude between the strike and the clouds.

Description: Jealkia, or “Storm Crawlers,” are pack-travelling drakes about the size of a wolf, not counting the wings.  They travel in packs of 2-6, but lone Jealkia can be found separated from the pack and on rare occasions larger packs will form. They can be found in any environment, but tend to follow storms and so will be found in some regions only during the monsoon season.  They are proficient swimmers and can glide for hours without resting. They will often be found out at sea in stormy waters and are known to cross full oceans chasing storm systems.

They are carnivorous and hunt everything from fish to birds to deer to other drakes. They possess the innate ability to latch onto the lightning bolts and ride them from the sky to the ground and viceversa and will frequently use this ability to surprise prey or to escape from battle. In combat, they work in unison and use their speed to keep foes off-balance. Their bite on one end and swinging tail on the other allow them to maintain a clear area to maneuver.

As a player, how would you fight a pack of Jealkia? How would you react if you saw them gliding high above you? As a Master Weaver, would you use them? How? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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