Saturday Spell-Holy Nova

HolyNovaDavor was fighting well, but two against one after a long run was taking its toll on him. Argus had spent most of his magical energy getting them this far this fast. This stretch of road was supposed to be clear of bandits.

Bandits indeed. The warriors were far too skilled for mere bandits. This was a professional assassination. Whoever was trying to stop them, they needed to go into hiding quick, regain their strength and magical energy. Some one was trying to stop them.

“Ki De Jai,” Argus shouted, and they were all engulfed in glorious flames.

Right Hand:

Ra (Good Radius)-Life (Full)

Des (Energy Arc)-

Des (Energy Arc)-Life (Full)

Ra (Good Radius)-

Left Hand:

Sar (Evil Radius)-Fire (Full), Wind (Indirect), Chaos (Indirect)

Sar (Evil Radius)-Fire (Half)

saying “ki de jai”

This spell takes advantage of the Sar and Ra radii being able to differentiate between good and evil to the maximum. The caster is using both so he can heal the good guys and burn the bad guys. Pretty straightforward, except that Des could be used for either burning or healing. I debated letting it be used for both and decided against it, but a different GM might decide more generously.

With a range of 8 feet, an AoE of 50% at 3 feet and 10% at 10 feet, 4d6 healing, and 4d6+2d3+1 fire/heat damage, this spell is pretty effective for firing into melee, healing Davor 4d6 (average 14) and burning his opponents for about 0.5*(4d6+2d3+1) (average 8.5).

Of course, Argus has several levels in Spell Casting, giving him bonus DoP. His first priority is probably to double up on damage, then healing, then AoE (this is less important since the targets packed in, only going from 50% to 60%), and not even bothering to increase the range, unless he needs it, in which case he’d increase it first and not heal himself at all.

The spell is pretty inefficient, unfortunately, costing 84 SP and taking 11 seconds to cast for a right-handed caster with no agility and 15 Dexterity. A left-handed caster gets little benefit, with 10.33 seconds. So, it’s not a great option, but it does have flare, and it does alright for getting AoE that hurts enemies and heals allies. It’s a situation specific spell

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Had enough fire spells yet?  What would you like to see that’s different?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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