Magic Video Series 8: A Stumbling Block to Evil

Here’s a second spell construction video. A mage with no life magic needs a way to help against some skeletons. He turns to an AoE clumsiness spell effecting only evil.

That was a pretty simple run down. Now to look at some potential pitfalls. First, I forgot to mention that the “bi” syllable must be used, a probably “grai” as well.

Second, I didn’t mention how long this spell takes to cast. With 2 fingers and 8 arcs/radii, it’s a 8-9 second long spell for a left-handed caster with no agility. That means it take into a 5th turn. If the fight is really desperate, that might be too long. Maybe a quicker, less Spell Point efficient spell could be done first to give an advantage while casting a second spell.

Third, a caster with these kinds of components who slinks off on his own might find himself on the negative side of the good-evil axis. That means that an AoE spell like this that sacrifices range boosts to get some extra AoE will put the caster squarely in the AoE. If he is indeed somewhat evil, he’ll hurt is own dexterity temporarily as well.

Stay tuned for more spell construction videos.

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Please let me know what you thought of this video in the comments below. Cinematography advice would also be appreciated 😉

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2 Responses to Magic Video Series 8: A Stumbling Block to Evil

  1. An alternative to reducing the skeleton’s movement would be to do something with positive/ holy energy bolstering your friends, while simultaneously harming the skeletons.

    • jameseck says:

      That’s a very good idea, in this post the mage lacked positive and healing powers, but a better suited mage would certainly be better served with such a righteous spell.

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