Progress Update-Archmage’s Choice

After so long posting spells, I’ve made some generic ones, some really bad ones, and some amazing ones. I’m going to highlight some of the ones that stand out, whether by showing an aspect of the magic system, having cool flair, or being extremely useful.

  • Ice Squall-This spell is lengthy, but powerful. It doesn’t deal a ton of damage, but it’s AoE is phenomenal, good for killing mobs of fragile foes. More importantly, it puts down a huge ice slick, freezing people to the ground and causing others to fall. Substituting bonus DoP for components could greatly increase the speed of casting.
  • Bolster Undead-Easily the biggest spell I’ve posted yet, this spell is the sort of thing a powerful lich casts to make an encounter jump up in difficulty on the players. It’s one of the safest ways to make an undead horde more powerful, healing them over an extended period.
  • Mud Pit-Like Ice Squall, this one’s primary purpose is to hinder. Since it is built as a trap, it is less difficult to use. It also introduces the special rule for AoE volumes used by Ice Squall.
  • Kill the Lights-This spell outlines a specific situation, then walks through my thought process building a spell for the situation. It’s not particularly useful, but it teaches a lesson.
  • Fire Bird-This one’s got some major flare too it. It can also be pretty useful, it demonstrates the faux-elemental mechanic using ‘grai’ and the Ku radius, as well as the fire indirect finger for gaseous medium.
  • Darkness Grenade-This particular rendition isn’t super useful, but it lays the groundwork for magic shops, a concept I’m going to have to expound upon in the near future.
  • Enhance Volition/Exorcise-This is just a good spell to have around. Not many characters will get Will, but there are so many situations where that weakness can end the battle. It’s a good idea to keep this one up your sleeve.
  • Magic Armor-This spell does a good job of demonstrating both the sliding scale of armor, and the sliding scale of charge counts in charge based spells. It’s all in all a good spell for a squishy mage to cast before going in against another squishy mage.

Hope you enjoyed this look at the best spells. If they’ve inspired any interesting spell ideas, please let us know in the comments below. Maybe we’ll post it in the future.

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