Raglan’s Journal 22

As we departed the vault by the way we entered, having rested in the safety of the inner vault, we were confronted by guards and a dragon at the entrance to the tunnels Juniper and Anduin formed. The tunnels were near the Mage College, so I can only surmise that their patrols found them. I have no reason to suspect treachery.

The guards were no match for us, fresh as we were and mighty beyond mere mortal ken. The dragon, even, though large and having surprised us, soon fell beneath my sword, it’s head cloven free. It had wounded Anduin and Basil greatly, but we struck far harder than it could.

I pursued fleeing guards to prevent them alerting the college to our presence (we had intended to go investigate it) but when I had cut them down I saw that more guards were descending the hills to our position. They knew we were here.

These journal entries are going to be in-character play reports from ByW’s campaign, which we are going to alternate playing with the Tyranny of Mundanity campaign and the coming Primordial Frontier campaign. My character, Raglan “the Light”, admires RiH’s character, Anduin Damian and follows him believing his place in history will be as a companion of the royal adventurer. He is impressed with their elven companion, Juniper (played by BiW), but does not know her well.

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