Haven: Dragon Slayers

With the dragon bearing down on them, Verdis and Aronis brace themselves for the impact. It doesn’t seem to see Conan and Rovert in their positions among or below the battlements. The battle begins.

  • Verdis the Prickly (HuS): Level 10 Human Fighter
    • Phineas, Talking Rock
  • Rovert (TrS): Level 9 Human Necromancer
    • Drej, Level 4 Psuedodragon Familiar
    • Elf Eater Skeleton
    • Zengiff, Talking Rock
  • Conan (MiM): Level 6 Elf Vampire Magic-user (Fire and Wind)
    • Scar, Level 4 Hawk Familiar
  • Aronis (WaB): Level 5 Human Magic-user (Fire and Wind)

As the dragon approaches, Conan starts to cast a three turn spell. He has the option on the second turn to add more range if needed. It isn’t needed, as the dragon crashes down onto the cliff side not far from him, beating wind down that knocks Verdis to the ground as he supports Aronis. While Rovert moves to get to the rear parapets near Ovomoda’s flank, Aronis misses with a gout of fire and darts right away from Verdis, who loses an arrow.

The dragon descends the cliff further, attacking Verdis who eludes the bite. Meanwhile, Conan adds more death and fire energy to his spell instead of the range he no longer needs and Rovert strikes with magic intended to cripple Ovomoda’s nearby wing. Aronis, still moving away from danger, manages to hit with a gout of fire and Verdis cuts the dragon’s head and neck deeply with his two axes.

Conan’s spell finishes, washing the dragon’s flank in death and fire that chars away scales and withers the flesh within. The dragon seems ready to flee, but slashes Verdis with powerful claws and swipes at Rovert with its tail before spells from Rovert consume its flesh, leaving it a scaly sack of bones, teeth, and claws.

This leaves them safe to loot the castle. They search all of the rooms, finding some trinkets in the laboratories below the observatory in the large tower, but otherwise finding the worshipers of Ovomoda to be very austere. In the dragon’s horde, however, they find several items of magical nature and thousands of coins (they asked for it converted to copper for the purposes of loot distribution and it came to 500000 copper).

In the night, while they rest from counting coins, Rovert sneaks away during his watch to break into the safe room he found in the library. Inside he finds a living safe that attacks him, but he is able to disable it before Drej wakes the others to bring help, since he intends to take the loot in it for himself. It provides him with a riddle, which Rovert is able to solve before the other wake, but inside he is disappointed to find only the records of the castle’s master, apparently a duke. He doesn’t have time to study them thoroughly as they others will be waking soon and so he goes to rejoin them.

Having distributed the loot (including 400 square yards of scales), they will return to the Vale, Rovert perhaps by another way to retrieve Dohasan. Verdis levels up.

Not sure if dragons in Mind Weave are under powered or if their ability to ambush it and get a three turn spell off made it seem that way. Verdis is not more powerful than a level 10 should be. I suspect dragons just still aren’t scaling enough with size, despite my recent changes. Either way, they had a lot of fun in the thrill of victory over a large enemy, and isn’t that what dragons are about? Successful special session.

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