Hero Kids: The Lizard Swamp

IMG_20190219_205852This week, (C) decided to play her long haired hunter and (S) decided to play her water Shaman, “Owlette.” We played at LTUE in their game room, which was a special treat for all of us. Their plan was to pursue the path on the map Gekko captured last week to get to Ulster’s Tower and rescue the boy taken by the rats.

The path rAN first through the Lizard Swamp. On the way to it, they came upon a pair of bandits that they easily defeated together. Soon, the path became squishy and wet. As they went, they were ambushed by two lizard savages and a lizard archer. The archer caused enough damage to drop (C) before (S) could finish him off.

They healed up (C) with a potion but left (S) bruised and continued. I decided go ahead and send in the next encounter: a lizard swordsman and two lizard archers. This fight was significantly rougher on them, but they came through well enough that I decided to send in the lizard chieftain without entourage while they were downing potions, worrying that with help he might be too much.

They managed to handle him without too much damage, but he sucked their last potion out of them. They looted for the first time! They argued over the shield, until (S) decided the axe would be cool, giving her a two-die melee attack option. The shield added a defense die to (C)’s already resilient hunter.

While they were looting, a deep beguiler emerged from the swamp and approached. With two ranged fighters, they did some damage early, (S) excited to finally have her freeze have an impact, buying them an extra round of attacks. The beguiler managed to get Owlette in its mouth, and while (S) required an explanation of how she could possibly miss a target that was eating her, she was gleeful when the beguiler also missed with 4 dice against 1 and we explained it as her character forming ice armor to prevent damage (which I’m considering giving her as a usable ability going forward).

Now familiar with the concept of loot, they searched the beguiler, replenishing their potions and determining that the eye can be used as a single use explosion.

Next time, they hope to make it all the way to Ulster’s tower, but not this Saturday. This Saturday they will be helping to run a Pokemon 5e session for Mom and a couple uncles.

Hero Kids is a great system for kids with a lot of great art. While I’m considering writing an article arguing that systems barely matter to the kind of fun most players chase, this is a good system if you’re looking to play with your kids.

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