Progress Update-Fast Drawing

I keep promising a video and then not coding. This week, I don’t have a video for a different reason! I actually did a lot of coding and a lot of cleaning up to make the code easier to edit as I add more and more functionality. The biggest bug in the map maker is now taken care of. It would pick up pictures instead of clicking and dragging to changer several cells. Now you can click and drag. I had to add a div full of little divs over the top of the pictures to do it, which is why I realized my code was really redundant and I made it easier to edit.

I’ve also added the ability to set your swath size. The map in this picture took about 10 seconds to create with the default open space swath size of 5 and the default wall swath size of 2.MapMakerThe stuff coming up now is really fiddly, so it might take some time, but I have that now with classes out. My evening are free as can be. They include:

  • Drawing pits, which look different based on their neighbors
  • Smoothing diagonal walls with diagonal half and half tiles
  • A glowy indicator of the effected area
  • Saving map data
  • Loading map data
  • The tile manipulation menu (lots of stuff)
  • Connecting maps (transition)
  • Tile drawings and placement for doors and stairs
  • New tile types

And so and so forth. Like I said, this is going to take some time. I hope to be putting in some serious time, though, so stick with me!

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