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Biweekly Monster-Psycat (Panthera Psiona)

The total darkness that only a thousand feet of solid rock could produce enveloped Taleris. It was a safety blanket unlike anything else he could expect down here. His life detecting circlet warned him of something moving through the empty … Continue reading

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Play Report-Into the Underdark

Having ended a war and collected a great reward from the king for their efforts, the party makes preparations to enter the underdark. They have cloaks enchanted for invisibility custom made by an illicit enchant contact in Requiem. The cloaks … Continue reading

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Monster Monday-Churner

“What is that hideous creature?” Malkus cried as they rounded the corner. “I’ll get it, sir.” Tygus volunteered, signalling for Paris and Garret to follow. “Be careful,” Malkus warned. He needn’t have, the creature fled, dropping onto a side and … Continue reading

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