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Chambers of the Beast

The creature that tunneled its way into the hidden mine (A) has an extensive tunnel system adjacent to the other parts of the facility. It has a number of chambers (C) where it slumbers and listens for the approach of … Continue reading

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Down the Well

On Monday, December 9th, with most of the Citadel House A-listers abroad visiting the gnomes, Lonir leads one old (but inactive) companion and two new arrivals to investigate one of the Citadel wells drying up. The group consists of: Lonir … Continue reading

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Biweekly Monster-Earth Squid

These bark-skinned, squid-like creatures¬†are not true squids. They breath air and recoil from the touch of water. While they can swim through the earth above a walking pace, predators near the surface make it dangerous for them to spend too … Continue reading

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Pliinreuk Cavern: Goblin Hive

Pliinreuk Cavern is a network of caves surrounding the massive underground Pliin Lake. It is filled with¬†quarreling goblin clans who share a complicated and chaotic politics of alliances and leverages. Made in answer to this month’s blog carnival topic, What’s … Continue reading

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