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A Dragon and Its Hoard Are Both Huge

The Stormguard party (which I’ve taken to calling Benquil and his companions after all the changes) were last seen trading information with Fardaya Del’Armgo, the Faded One. The three sessions since have been short, but eventful. Before leaving Fardaya, they … Continue reading

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The True Source

The 28th of October, three fast friends among the Citadel House adventurers agree to finally finish what they began September 16th. The party is: Frank (PaT): Level 2 Dwarf Brawler Lonir (MaC): Level 3 Elf Thief Verdis the Prickly (HuS): … Continue reading

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The Faded One

We left the underdark party 19 days into their dedicated journey to Emberlung in search of the crystals Brimahil has become aware of in the underdark. On October 19th, with the song of the unseen choir in the creeping sun … Continue reading

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Walking in Darkness

We left the underdark party after a week of rest for Benquil to recover. That done, the party returns to Gregor’s Redoubt, where Karen informs them she’s had the Hectarm destroyed and its parts carried far away. They descend and pass … Continue reading

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Biweekly Item-Pool of Earth

“It has been said,” the old crone coughed, “that as you hold a rabbit by the foot and lower it into acid, its luck will flee into the arrested foot and provide fortune to the bearer. But then again, how much luck could that rabbit have had to begin with?”

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Campaign Review: Stormguard Sessions 17-?

It’s been nearly a year since my last post and my last report on the Stormguard Campaign (though that name is going to have to change since they left Stormguard the first chance they got, seeking Benquil’s long-lost father). The party is … Continue reading

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Spell Book Two-Travel and Communication

Welcome to Book Two in my new spell book series. These spell books are examples of those a player can choose when making a new character. Choosing one of these spell books during character creation automatically assigns recommended magic components … Continue reading

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Progress Update-Relaxation and Renewal

So I feel bad.  I really do.  I was really close to finishing the whole spell book/spell casting GUI going into this week, but this week I didn’t code at all.  It wasn’t that I was busy, quite the opposite.  … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words-Speed Tiring and Fatigue

Speed-There are two general types of speed: movement speed and turn speed.  The major difference between these speeds is that movement speed is determined by character race while turn speed always has a base of 24.  Both are effected by … Continue reading

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Ability Tuesday-Tracking

Tracking is a the signature Ranger ability which allows a character to follow the trail of a quarry given signs of passage it leaves behind.  In Mind Weave, the tracking process is expressed in an hourly check to determine if … Continue reading

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