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Play Report-More Locked Doors

Having finished their lunch in the raided record room, the party readies to get moving. Benquil hears a sound in the hall and throws his firesilk cloak of invisibility over himself and gives silent pursuit. He sees the door to … Continue reading

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Why Traps?

The purpose of this post is to finish working through my thoughts on what purpose traps have in tabletop RPGs. I started the process with a rambling video a couple weeks ago, and this week I mean to say some … Continue reading

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Rambling About Traps

In two weeks I’m going to be posting a more precise analysis of what I ramble about here, but if you just can’t wait, here are my initial thoughts. In the meantime, check out the new shop page.

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Korgaran’s Temple

The jewel of the Temple Complex at Tripik, the massive temple to Korgaran, is quite a monolith. Despite the decline of Tripik, the temple remains the center of the city and retains a strong body of gnome worshipers descended from … Continue reading

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